Yangon Harbour

Harbour Yangon

Port-of-Yangon, Myanmar business opportunities, photos and videos, contact information. Against this background, the first day trip focused on downtown Yangon to understand its uniqueness. It is located directly opposite the old hotel "Strand". Locate the perfect Yangon harbour photo. Locate the best activities near Marina Residence, Yangon (Rangoon).

About Yangon Port | Myanma Port Authority

Yangon is Myanmar's main harbour and accounts for about 90% of the country's export and import activities. Yangon Harbour is located at latitude 16 47' N and 96 15' N on the Yangon River and about 32 km upcountry from the elephant point at the Gulf of Martaban.

Any vessel entering the port of Yangon shall be subject to piloting when older than 200 GRT. Sailing from the pilot station, which is 32 km further on the sea from Elephant Point, to the port of Yangon usually takes place at high water and must be clocked so that both Inner Bar and Outer Bar are crossed at high water to guarantee an adequate depth.

Yangon Riverbreak is 4 to 6 kts in early morning. The flood lasts about 1 hr 15 min after high tide and the ebb tide about 30 min after low tide. The Yangon Riviera does not interfere with the operation of the ship and even at the estuary of the Riviera the surf is rarely harsh with less than two meters of swell.

Yangon Port is available for ships of 167 meters LOA, 9 meters draught, 15000 DWT and Thilawa Port for ships of 200 meters LOA, 9 meters draught and 20000 DWT. The Myanma Port Authority (MPA) has been conducting port security activities since 1 July 2004 to ensure compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2002.


Yangon quays include Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa (MITT) and Myanmar Integrated Port Limited (MIPL) between Outer Bar (Elephant Point Bar) and Inner Bar (Monkey Point Bar). The mean draught of the canal between elephant point and monkey point is 9 meters. From these quays, ships can go directly to the seas without lag.

It is located above Inner Bar (Monkey Point), Bo Aung Kyaw Wharves, Myanmar Industrial Port, Sulewharves and Asia World Port Termainl. The Myanmar Five Star Jetty is exclusive to its infantry fleets.

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