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The most famous sight of Yangon is the golden Shwedagon Pagoda ("Shutterstock"). They' re a team of three men, one of whom wears a big book with receipts, all with ID. He was a great guide, very experienced and made the trip an unforgettable experience. Golden Guide to Yangon is the book where you can find the answers to these questions and much more! You can book your Mandalay Hostel here.

Yangon Guidebook and Htay Win History - downlaod eBook

That' the artifical brain of the Yangon traveler. It contains the comments of the Yangon travel guides on the shared Yangon sights and culture. This is a good example of the experience and know-how of the guides. It contains the most important touristic sights you should not miss if you want to know Yangon, Myanmar and the information you should know when traveling in Myanmar.

It represents the AI working as a souvenir shop and gives you the necessary information like the personal itinerary. You' ll love to read the script, even if you're not travelling to Yangon, Myanmar.

the Yangon

Yangon, the architectural guide, presents around a hundred historic monuments from Myanmar's historic capitol. In the aftermath of centuries of international segregation, the city's huge inheritance is largely, unexpectedly and spectaculously preserved. Yangon - as it was called among the British - was a crucible of British India. Living vestiges of this inheritance can be found everywhere, especially in the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Judaic and Moslem churches of the cities, which often coexist in the narrow alleys of Yangon.

Ever since the country's sovereignty from the British in 1948, the townscape has been shaped by the legacy of consecutive dictators. Yangon is now a vibrant and vibrant changing town on the border of Myanmar's fast-paced opening to the outside globe. Yangon's townscape merits a systemic guidebook that nurtures the common attraction for the town and its past and offers innumerable stories and references to architectonic details.

Backpacking Yangon Travel Guide - All you need to know

Burma is an emerging backpacker destination in Southeast Asia and Yangon is one of the most important centres for world-flying. It is a town full of historical and astonishing monuments. Although, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, the adventure can be quite stunning, so it can be very useful to read a backpacker's book in Yangon.

It was the first town I travelled alone, with a civilization and traditions I had never been to before, and I always liked it. This backpacker's guidebook to Yangon informs you about the most important things in Yangon, where you can stay, dine and more!

Yangon for how many people? In Yangon I stayed a whole four nights and could see many of the best sights of the town at a slower rate. Even though, I would suggest spends three and then go away somewhere more quietly, as it is a very dirty place that takes a royalty on your system.

Later in this backpacker's guidebook to Yangon I will tell you the best things you can see in this astonishing town! Lodging will probably be your largest expenditure in Myanmar, but booking seats with breakfasts can reduce the amount you pay for your meal and eventually balance your budgets.

They can be in the mail at how much it will cost to get to Myanmar for more information. What is the best place to spend the night in Yangon? It is a vast town with many outskirts, so it can be hard for beginners to find out exactly where to live. If you are looking for a place to live in Yangon town centre, I suggest you book your lodging as it puts you near many astonishing places of interest and places to eat that are only a stone's throw away.

These are my top pick for the backpacking guidebook to Yangon: It was $6.00 / 8000k yat to get to the Backpacker's Bed and Breakfast where I spent the night in Yangon. Yangon has many ways to get around. There' s a very inexpensive landline system and if you are looking for an adventurous experience, this might be the ideal choice for you.

That is why I suggest that you do not take the coach to Yangon for this guidebook. Yangon offers a large selection of gastronomy from small shops to barracks like e.g. west facing restaurant. This are my top pick, all tried and trusted, for the backpacker guides to Yangon:

Just cost around $1. 50 / 2000k yat I strongly suggest trying it out for dinner. It' a favourite place with excellent cuisine. It is the most advanced Yangon facility I have seen, with a wonderfully ornamented and hip atmosphere. The Yangon city centre grocery store is the ideal place to get your meals at the Yangon Youth Hostel.

When you want to try something new, I suggest you take a look at Miss Filatelista's Yangon Travel Guide, which contains all the regional food you need to try! You will be able to spend your whole day in Yangon, full of astonishing sights and things to do. There is something for everyone, whether you want to go to the shops, experience a different religious lifestyle and experience a slowing down of your lives outside the town.

Situated on the other side of the Yangon River, Dala Township is a stark contrasting to the bustling cityscape. It' really interesting to see how the humans here are living with extreme minimum possessions and without things that you and I would consider necessary. Shwedagon' s lovely pagoda is a necessary part of every Yangon trip and will probably be a high point of your sojourn.

It' definitely my number one reference in this Yangon itinerary. Yangon is a must-see for a visit to Yangon! From Yangon Central Railway Station it is easily accessible, and even better, the circuit is only $0.15/200k. It takes at least three hrs and takes you on a round trip through the town.

The Yangon Circle Train ride offers a good glimpse into the everyday lives of the Myanmar population. The Bogyoke Market is situated in Central Yangon and is the ultimative place to buy in Yangon. The Kandawgi Lake is situated in downtown Yangon and is only a brief stroll away from the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Also known as the Royal Sea, it is a favourite place to explore Yangon. The Kandawgi Nature Park and Yangon Zoo are also located around the area.

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