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Yangon and Shwedagon Pagoda (Other Places Travel Guide) cover. A postcard from Yangon: Surrounded by cars, fast food restaurants and mountains of garbage, Yangon quickly loses its charm of the old world. Find and book your next flight online. Simply put, Yangon has a small moment.

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Search and match all Yangon Hotels offers from thousands of hotels at once. Tourist Doss & Don'ts - Eliminate culture gaffe by learning these comics from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Yangon expat couples live in Myanmar Survival Guide, which covers sightseeing, shops and dining.

Yangon nightlife - Yangon nightlife with karaoke clubs, night clubs and amusement gal. Swedagon Pagoda - My attendance in the Yangon Central Theatre. New Yangon: 11 things to do in Yangon and the way to get misplaced - by grrrltraveler.com. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Travel tips - From themadtraveler.com. Yangon Colonial, the Rangoon of my fantasy - From vagabondbaker.com.

Jessica's top hints for Yangon, Myanmar - From jessicamudditt.com. The Yangon - Asia as it once was - From escapology.eu. Myanmar: Arrival in Yangon Rangoon - With flashpackatforty.com. Fifteen Things to Dine in Yangon, Myanmar - From ccfoodtravel.com. Yangon Heritage Tour: Watch old Rangoon before it gets away - from Myanmar Insider.

The Sule Pagode (Paya) is the centre of the town of Yangon and occupies a traffic circle next to the town hall of the UK age. Whilst the panoramic view of the world' s most beautiful round-about is certainly not as spectacular as the Shwedagon one. Photo Yangon Photo Galery - Photo galery of Yangon.

Yangon leader and culture: Htay Win - the guide of the area

That'?s the artifical brain of the Yangon guide. This book contains the comments of the guide to the shared Yangon sights and the culture of Yangon. In the book you will find the know-how and experience of the guide. This book contains the most important touristic sights you should not miss if you want to know Yangon, Myanmar and the information you should know when traveling in Myanmar.

This book represents the AI working as a souvenir guide and gives you the necessary information like the personal guide. You' ll love to read the book, even if you're not travelling to Yangon, Myanmar.

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