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The Yangon Regional Govt is preparing the e-Yangon project for the general interest.

Myanma Freedom Daily, U Min Oo, spokesman for e-Yangon of the Myanmar Computer Professional Association, said the government of the Yangon region is working to prepare the e-Yangon system for the general population to facilitate government accessibility. The EYangon is a government funded eYangon website that allows the general population to quickly and easily retrieve information from government agencies and retrieve government agencies' documentation, application form and information.

It starts with the web site, which can provide possibilities for the population. "The only region covered by this program is Yangon. It is the information sharing phase in which the gateway releases information from government agencies. As an example, for the Road and Transport Authority Division (Ka Nya Na), the site will provide the necessary Ka Nya Na documentation and procedures so that individuals can simply track the progress.

There' re many divisions in Yangon. So we will be uploading the information from each department," says U Min Oo. Launched in 2012, the e-Yangon Deployment Commitee was recently established. e-Yangon opened its offices on September 30th in Room-219 of the Yangon Hluttaw Region Regional Government of Yangon City.

"It was launched in 2012. We' re going to connect with all the different divisions one by one. It is still impossible to say when we will get to the end phase. This also depends on the department's IT needs. The public will profit a great deal when this venture is completed," U Min Oo added.

The e-Yangon Deployment Comittee has 20 members and the Chief Minister of the Yan-gon area is the Chair. It can take longer if we are waiting for all of them. Now, we're uploading the information from some divisions that have given us. We will try to load up all information from all divisions later," said U Min Oo.

It will be carried out in three phases and in the first phase the information from the Yangon Regional Government Bureaus and the Yangon Urban Development Committee will be posted on the web site so that the general population has easy accessibility to the information from the respective sections.

The second phase will allow the general public to access and return the application form, ask questions, complain, report via the web site and the government will set up the e-call centre, which will be responsible for meeting them. At the end of the process, the general population can request commercial licences, collect taxes, access information from the various divisions via the database managment system, track the current situation of web portals and carry out the transactions via the web portals.

Myanmar Computer Federation and computer federations are paving the way for the smooth start of the web site at the International ICT Expo, which will take place in the Tatmadaw Pavilion on 17 October. Yangon's web site is www.eyangon.gov.mm and will be available from October 17.

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