Yangon Government

Government of Yangon

The government of the Yangon region is the cabinet of the Yangon region. Theint Theint Zaw was in the Yangon Regional Government Office. Working in the Yangon region. The pilgrims have similar feelings when they visit Shwedagon in Yangon and Bouddanath in Kathmandu. To protect the remaining historic buildings of Yangon, the Burmese government has established the Yangon City Heritage List.

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Yangon region government's two-year achievement

The Yangon Region Government has undertaken work for domestic and international investment to commence operations in the Yangon region's manufacturing areas in order to improve employment prospects. The Yangon Region Government supports and promotes small and medium-sized businesses, the growth of the healthcare and educational sector and the preservation of the countryside in order to ensure comprehensive social and economical developments in line with the state' s defined economical policies.

Yangon Region Government is now working to align the Yangon region's budgetary expenditure system with world standards and to implement the joint government and fellowship commitment to the Yangon healthcare and educational sector as a whole. Concerning the government of the Yangon region, work is being done to support the socio-economic standing of the town population.

In comparison to Yangon City, some cities outside Yangon have underperformed. Provisions have been made to establish the Yangon City Roadmap, which focuses on the following four points: Developing this roadmap will make Yangon City more resistant to catastrophes, climatic changes and possible sea-level rise.

In addition, the Yangon provincial government had already granted Ks 32 billion for the bridge work. Yangon's government is trying to redesign Yangon's town plan and make it a better place to live by preserving buildings and grass. With the expansion of the Yangon industry sectors, the area used for farming has become smaller and smaller and there is also less manpower available for work.

Therefore, a blueprint is needed that can help to achieve the best return on available manpower and area. The goal is to train those who run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as entrepreneurs and to provide them with the necessary tools to successfully build and expand their businesses.

In addition to training, accessing finance and loans is a key factor in the economy. Yangon Region Government has sought to help small businesses and ease their relations with investment so that they can take greater upside. Secondly, training; it is important to guide these businesses in developing their businesses and show them how to put a sound commercial agenda into action.

That is why we have chosen to draw up an educational scheme for the SME area. Yangon Regional Government is trying to tackle the problem of squatters' relocation and is preparing a register of squatters to help them select a plot for the relocation program.

It was estimated that the number of squats entering the country of the DEV C was around 300,000 at first, but a poll showed that there are over 400,000 occupants. In the Yangon region, Yangon is supplied around the clock with over 430 MW of energy, which will be generated by three hydropower stations next year.

Yangon is expected to consume around 1,190 MW of energy annually, about half of the country's overall use. Yangon, a trading town, has 29 industry parks and more than 6,200 small and medium-sized companies, which increase the demand for energy in comparison to other areas and countries.

The Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said that 100 percent of the New Yangon Development Company Limited held by the government of the Yangon region is in progress to realize the project. The Yangon region government had asked a number of companies, both locally and internationally, to take part in these initiatives. Yangon Region Government invites Yangon region's companies, both locally and internationally, to take part in the work.

Yangon City must be in the shape of a leafy business that can be avoided becoming a waste dump for companies that harm the world. For example, investment and interested parties from ASEAN states, South Korea, Japan and China are currently debating and bargaining with the local government on investment in roads, energy, residential buildings and plants.

Therefore, it will prioritise skilled locally and internationally operating companies that can deliver good value for money, while creating an incentive for companies that generate more jobs. The Myanmar Region has received approval from the Myanmar Government to invest 582 Myanmar companies and 846 overseas companies in the Yangon region from 1994-1995 until the end of January 2018.

In February 2018, companies in Myanmar spent more than Ks 708 billion, while according to the figures, FDI amounted to USD 2.84 billion. Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on the edge of Yangon is the first special economic zone in Myanmar. This is also a huge undertaking strongly endorsed by the Myanmar and Japanese authorities.

For the government, provision is being made to realize 2400 ha in the Thilawa SEZ, and the opening celebration of this site took place on September 23, 2015. A lot of huge firms come here and we have awarded 90 types of deals in 16 different states. There are many plants and garages currently in operation, 40 of which are businesses.

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