Yangon Golf Club

The Yangon Golf Club

In-depth course information with photos, directions, hotels and weather forecast for Yangon Golf Club, Insein. About Myanmar By the turn of the century, after the complete UK invasion of Myanmar (Burma) in 1885, the city of Yangon (Rangoon) was already an important thriving trading centre with large and small UK trading companies such as Bombay Burma Co., Burma Oil Co., Steel Brothers, Rowe & Co.

Executive employee of those commercial organisations, officials of British regiments, ruling British trustees and businessmen chose to transfer golf to Yangon as their favorite sport, the play of golf. In 1904, the club was captained by Col. G. B. Crawley. It was in 1954 that the last UK club skipper, Mr. I.G. Clarke, the general director of William Jack, Hardware Co, appointed U Cho, the director of public instruction, who became Burma's first skipper.

A club is a nonprofit organization, i.e. no part of its funds may be distributed or assigned, directly or implicitly, as a dividends, bonuses, or profits to its members. If the net property can be used for charitable purposes when the association is dissolved.

It is not allowed to sell or transfer the memberships, unlike elsewhere in the whole wide globe, where some golf courses are business entities and the memberships are considered as a part of the IPO.

Insein Yangon Golf Club, Myanmar (Burma)

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