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Obtain Yangon General Hospital contact information including address, contact number, website and email addresses. The Yangon General Hospital is in Myanmar, Yangon. Our goal is to be the most trusted healthcare hospital and the highest standard hospital in Myanmar's private healthcare sector. ICU at Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar. Q: Yangon General Hospital seems to be overcrowded as many patients are being treated.

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Yangon General Hospital was built during the British Colonisation in 1909 and is the biggest public hospital in Myanmar, providing education for about one third of the country's population. In the course of the years, unscheduled expansion has put the hospital in a state of disorganization. Missing strategy has led to issues with some important hospital features, such as hospital function, e.g. managing hospital waters and patients' accessibility.

The master plan will lead the Yangon General Hospital into a position as the key body of Myanmar's health system. The work is being launched by the Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Trust on behalf of the Ministry of Health, with UKAid funding being provided by global specialists. This master plan contains suggestions for the development of the hospital over an approximate period of 20 years, split into 4 stages.

They will then work with regional design and contractor to help build and implement this. Work is concentrated on four landmark structures that have been classified as indispensable to the hospital and the town as a whole in the case of a catastrophe.

Aye Ko Ko, Medical Director of Yangon General Hospital

It needs to develop capacities by including physicians and nursing staff to meet the increasing number of outpatients. Generally, low-income individuals remain dependent on state clinics, particularly Yangon General Hospital. Myanmar Times correspondent Myint Kay Thi spoke to the hospital's head of medicine, Dr. Aye Ko Ko Ko Ko, about the working environment of his physicians and nursing staff, as well as the costs of medicines and health care outfits.

F: How many wards are there at Yangon General Hospital and what kind of illnesses are there? A. Yangon General Hospital was converted into a 2000-bed hospital in 2016. It is also a training hospital. You are the Division of Therapeutics, the Hormone Therapy Division and the Handsurgery Division.

Up to now, the pharmacology unit had three patients' stations, but was expanded to four. Some physicians and nursing staff are also associated with these departments. Further necessary medical supplies and medication were also provided. In addition to obstetrics and gynecology, Yangon General Hospital has an E MS, injuries departments, a centre for the treatment of cancers and other healthcare facilities.

F: How many people does Yangon General Hospital employ? One: If you include specialist and residents, there are more than 400. There are more than 700 assistants with the admission of sisters. Over 60 new auxiliary sisters have been nominated. However, the nursing lady in uniform, who counts about 300 people, is currently inactive.

There is a need for more female doctors, at the moment the number of female doctors is more than the number of male doctors. Medicines are not part of the cost-sharing system, as primary and emergencies medicines are made available free of costs. However, outpatients need to pay the costs of some medications that have expired as there are a bunch of hospitalized outpatients.

This year, Yangon General Hospital will spend K5.3 billion annually on medicines for the EHR. When it is licensed, there may be changes in the system of medication therapy. Q: Yangon General Hospital seems to be crowded as many people are being treated. In A: The primary cause is cancers.

There' been a whole bunch more cancers lately. There has been an increase in the number of people who receive vial nutrition and regimens, leading to overfilling. A five-story piano for oncologists is about to be completed and is expected to be completed in November. Once these facilities have been handed over to us, they will be used as a ward for the care of ill people.

Once we have done all these things, the patient can be accommodated in a roomy hospital. The neurology department has also been moved to North Okkalapa Township, where it is possible to diagnose people. Can you tell us about the improvements in treatment and health care at Yangon General Hospital and what awaits our clients when they come for an examination?

A. This hospital has all the state-of-the-art facilities of a hospital with 2000 beds, such as positron emissions imaging, computerized tomography (PET-CT) and crab scanners. You used to have to go to Bangkok or Singapore to do PET-CT scan, but now you can do it at Yangon General Hospital. We have also had other necessary appliances and facilities in place, and we will try to add new ones as soon as they become available.

Even accidentally severed or severed finger can be replaced if the finger is taken to the palm surgeon in good deed. In addition, a thoracic aneurysm or tear can be successfully treated in the EMS. People with obstructed fat blood vessel that lead to a strokes are given an anticoagulant.

Naturally, the outcome of the therapy will depend on the length of the patient's life, the incidence of the illness and the length of stay at the hospital. Yangon General Hospital treats between 300 and 400 people every two years. 500 people are treated in the ER every single working day. The number of in-patients ranges from 2000 to 2500.

F: What programs does Yangon General Hospital plan for the near term? Clinical: It is intended to open a new health care group. As part of a health and sports ministry plan, the central hospitals are reopening chemist's shops and cafeterias to provide the patient with safe and inexpensive nosh.

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