Yangon general Hospital

General Hospital Yangon

Yangon General Hospital (YGH) (Burmese: ?????

?? ??????? ???????????) is a large public hospital in Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon General Hospital is a large public hospital in Yangon, Myanmar. Aung San Road, Yangon, Myanmar.

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The new, bigger hospital with a capacity of 342 hospital units opened its gates for the first in 1911. The Imperial Army of Japan squatted the premises during the occupation of Japan and reserved them for the staff of Japan, and the General Hospital had to move to the former Diocesan Girls' School on Signalpagodenstrasse for a while.

Even though there is no nominal charge for healthcare, in fact people have to afford some drugs that are not provided by the Ministry of Heath. Dip.Med.Sc. Australia-Myanmar Trauma Management Program: Programme activity for 2015 to 2017 was focused on educating traumatology teams for doctors in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Times | Yangon General Hospital Upgrading

There are new wards, 500 more bed places, extra service... but the pressures are still there as more and more people come in. The Yangon General Hospital, which now treats over 3,000 people a day, is being subjected to a large face-lift to enhance its service and ensure high standards of outcomes. From 1500 to a hospital with 2000 hospital bed capacity.

Founded in 1899, the hospital has added four new divisions - Department of Medicine, Manual Constructive Surgery, Department of Geriatrics and Department of Homeopathy - since the beginning of its work on January 1. Aye Ko Ko Ko, M. D., M. D., medical director of the hospital, said that new diagnosis devices for tumor sufferers will be in operation this months and a new facility for their treatments has been finished to over 60 per cent.

This is to be concluded in the course of the year. "Every single diurnal there are over 300 emergencies. More than 700 old and new clients come to their appointment with medical experts every workday. There are over 1800 inpatients being treated in the hospital," he added. Approximately 2000 employees work around the clock for the long patient population.

According to the government's 100-day schedule, the hospital is being made more patient-friendly. Information areas will be established to help patiens and users with their questions. In addition, preparatory work is underway to raise the number of physicians. "There' s an information section in the ER, another in the five-story structure, and the last one in neuro.

In order to modernise the listed hospital, a panel headed by State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi set up a task force. With the exception of obstetric and gynaecological illnesses, all illnesses can now be hospitalized. It is the only hospital in the state where all general illnesses can be cured with the necessary devices and technologies.

Circumstances relating to hepatic, renal, gastrointestinal tract are moved to the hospital's expanded 500-bed area. Although it is not currently free, specific illnesses are managed at affordable rates. Aye Ko Ko said: "Even if a patient comes to the ER without cash, we try to care for her as well as possible.

Our clinic treats free of charge those who cannot pay for it and those who are advised by the relevant department physicians or nursing personnel. In addition to modernising the institutions, the company's managers try to improve the personnel's software expertise in order to guarantee good patient care. The hospital had a poor record in the past because personnel were not able to be kind to the patient, said Dr. Aye Ko Ko Ko.

In order to improve the behavior of hospital personnel, telephone numbers are now announced in the hospital so that those who are not satisfied with their service can submit a claim to Mangement. For the hospital, the biggest challenges are that the hospital personnel are not able to handle the large number of clients who are treated every day.

Hpa-an, Kayin State's Ma Naw, queued up in front of the hospital for radiation therapy with her nurse, said the benefits had greatly increased and costs had also been slashed. She complained, however, that there was a long wait to see the physician because there were many people, but few of them.

"There are many people out there. We also wanted to expand the patient oncology unit," said Ma Naw.

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