Yangon Food Guide

The Yangon Food Guide

The ethnic diversity of Yangon is reflected in the city's restaurants. Yangon has many street kitchens to explore. Question is, where can you enjoy this food? I' had Phone as my tour guide. He' s very passionate about guiding all tourists.

The Yangon Food Guide - 18 Yangon food products to try

In Yangon you will not only be impressed by the lovely temple, but also by varied and tempting cuisines. Yangon exploration is the period in which you will experience the untiring "culinary symphony" from the early morning to the present hour. Discover the Yangon food through the Yangon Food Guide - 18 of Yangon's most popular food products contain Yangon St. Food, which you should try below.

It is similar to Vietnam baked bread buns made from riceflour. You often use burgers in the mornings - slices of roasted bread with tea, cheese or curdled bread. The Khao sueh choke is a typical meal that shows the Myanmar pasta and salad cuisine. The Khao Sueh is made with pasta with prawns, minced kale and carrot, seafood sauces, lemons and green almonds.

One more lettuce in which is a crunchy triangle of roasted loaf of velvet. Coh Pièh is a meal of sticky white paddy with a sprinkling of dry powdered vegetables and ground coconuts. You' ll be amazed by the scented paddy rices, flavoured flavours of coconuts, and hot peppers.

Coh Pu fried on wood coal, also made of ric. And the most fascinating thing about this meal is the sweet treacle. It is cooked until it turns into a butterscotch colour that is more tasty and strong than the whites and is therefore celebrated as Myanmar dark candy. The principal components of Kauknyintok are the banana, coir milks and sugars, covered in glue.

It is made from sticky rices, chopped fresh coconuts, and almond. They are all baked until the conspicuous, light colour turns out. It is a fairly large baker's on the roads of Yangon and mostly sells in the afternoons. Thin Dosa is made from thin cakes made from riceflour and over night fermenting lenses.

Sprinkle the pie with ground spaghetti. These flatbreads are made from additives such as butters, sugars, milks, eggs and flours. It' a meal from India. It is a very common food in Yangon. Roasted pastas with thick pastas, served with chickens, seafood in slices, cooked-egg. It is usually prepared for the Thingyan Festival, which is also the most favourite Yangon traditionally desserts.

It is made of sticky riceflour, coated with handicot and ground coriander. Not only is Mohinga the famed Yangon food, it is also very much loved throughout Myanmar. Yangon's streetside salesmen and food stands will make it easy for you to savour this cuisine. In the stock are long, fine minced pasta, roasted seafood after immersion in powders.

It is made from crunchy baked browning in a large pot with a coat of quails egg, onion or a few baked chap. Yangon's 19. road between Anawrahta Road and Maha Bandoola Road is the harbour for butchers. At the teekiosks in Yangon visitors meet and tell interesting tales of the days.

It' s pretty cute here when you add a lot of evaporated water and sugars. It is a one-of-a-kind meal of the Shan tribe - an ethnical group in Myanmar. It is boiled together with curcuma to obtain a nice structure and to refine its flavour. Boiled paddy is pressed into a platter and serves with fresh water fishing, leeks, carnations and roasted sausage.

Myanmar's kitchen is renowned for its delicious food, such as lettuce leafs. Tealeaves are often used as an appetizer at a banquet or with plain red ricepack. A further very particular meal comes from the Shan tribe, the Shan-Nudeln. It' very similar to Vietnam pasta, but it has the only flavor.

A little viscous pasta made from powdered rices, which can be perfectly combined with poultry or pig meat and sesame topping to heat up the taste of the virtual. Shan pasta stock is made from poultry meat, which adds some Myanmar flavourings, such as gingerbread, for the spicy aroma. Looking for more top offers in Yangon?

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