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Warned, don't take the ferry to Dala! The Dala is a small township south of the Yangon River. Unlike the bustling streets of Yangon. From Pansodan Jetty, take the ferry.

Ferry to Dala Yangon.

The Dala is a small town to the south of the Yangon River. Unlike the bustling Yangon road, the dust of Dala and the happy village people who have forgotten their miserable life are an experience. For Dala, take the ferry from Pansadon St Jetty.

You' ll find the dock at the end of Pansodan Street. The ferryboats go to Dala every 20 min and the drive does not take more than 20 min. In Dala, what can you do? One of the high points of this brief voyage to Dala is the ferry tour itself. It' sure to give you a foretaste of Burma's lives.

Blabbing natives, occasionally mixing hens locked up in barns to be marketed, the screams of merchants who sell their goods and the huge water of the Yangon River, which offers you gorgeous photographic shots, would certainly give colour to your itinerary. When you arrive at the footbridge of Dala, the enthusiastic travellers and all the informal tourist guide, who offer you half-day cab or Rikschatours through the town, briefly bump into you.

It is a nice diversion from the constantly shifting scenery in Yangon and a two to three hour brief stay is all it needs to be there. So what do you do in the municipality of Dala? Stroll around Dala and savour the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Go on a Sri Lankan cruise for about 3000 kyats per passenger and savour the country lifestyle that is unfoldment.

Attend the town square and the fishmarket. After a short stroll through these regional fairs with the freshest products, your spirits will be refreshed. The Shwe Sayan Pagoda. It' an important landmark in Dala.

Excursion to Dala Village near Yangon, Myanmar

Dala, a small fishermen town in Myanmar, is a great place for a full days out from Yangon. An excursion to the town of Dala gave us a brief momentary picture of a small town. Visiting the town of Dala is ideal for those who want to take a glimpse of Burma's humble rural lifestyle and need a scenic shift from Myanmar's tourist destinations.

Dala or Dalla is a small town opposite Yangon. There' s a lot to do in Yangon and a full days excursion to Dallah town from the capital was a beautiful one. It is a 10 minute ferry journey from the Pansodan Pier in central Yangon. The Pansodan Pier is very near to Yangon town centre and the Sule Pagoda.

Or you can simply ask the local people to point you in the right directions. As most things in Myanmar, the costs of this ferry vary for local and internat. Things were a little confused when we got to the Pansodan pier.

Visiting the town of Dala is certainly interesting, but the ferry trip is as interesting as the town. It was like a swimming mini-market and had many interesting places of interest. On this short ferry trip we saw many men (mostly women) who sold different things - clothing, smokes, combs, mirror, birds' balls, fruits and much more.

On one of the Dala ferry deck (or Dallah ferry, as some call it) we also saw available rental seats made of plastics. Like the Yangon teashops, these small teas were actually for them. Journey to Dala gave us a brief momentary picture of living in a small Myanmar town.

It seemed to be the usual means of transportation, but we avoid them at the Dala embankment, because we had been reading about some deceit. Directly next to the jetty, where the ship took us, we were enjoying a beautiful luncheon in a street-store. We had a Burmese dinner and one of the employees was speaking English.

They weren't as hot as regular Myanmar cuisine. but our lunch was even less expensive than our ferry fare, about $1 - $2 in all. We walked through this town after dinner and went to a beautiful convent and a gold cloister. It was very near the mole and was interesting to discover.

Finally we abandoned his side and went out of the convent to discover the remainder of the town. Soon, some school boys from Burma encircled us for a photo. I spent a few hour in this town, I tried to look for a bathroom here, but couldn't find one. Finally we explored a Dala Greeen town.

It was definitely a brief stay at DalaVillage but we shall always recall it. We have many tourist stories of people being cheated while trying to travel from Yangon to Dala. Occasionally, local people have tried to offer a daily excursion pack to the town of Dala, which costs 10x as much as the price of visits, food and exploration.

On other occasions, some tricyclists cheated internationals at the jetty. Do not be discouraged by these events to visit the town of Dala. It' simple to prevent these frauds if you make this journey alone and do not buy a parcel. Don't say yes to a trike tour once you get to this town.

It' simple to walk around this small town.

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