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Anyone know the current exchange rate of Kyat to US$? The exchange rates of these two service providers do not differ significantly. If you arrive at Yangon airport, there are several exchange offices in a row. Learn more about Myanmar's two major airports, Yangon and Mandalay. The exchange rates of most banks and exchange offices are about the same, whether in Yangon or elsewhere.

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Fast questions - how good is the exchange rate from Euro to Kyats at the airports in comparison to the local bank? I' m asking because it's usually most expensive around the airfield. Well, not in Myanmar. Euro is not acceptable anywhere else, so make sure you switch enough, preferably in the major towns and not in Inle or Bagan.

The present exchange rate is 1.414k yat to the dollar, I have a different track record when it comes to swapping. As I could not get any brandnew banknotes, I had to bring used banknotes to Myanmar. Payment of all drafts was easily done at one of the exchange bureaux at the airports and at various commercial banking institutions.

Other people in my political group had no problem to exchange used euros throughout Myanmar (major cities). However, they were very selective in the acceptance of US dollars. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Taxicab Price & Exchange Rates - Yangon (Rangoon) Board

As for the airportaxi, in addition to the Golden Swallow Group cab rank at the airfield, there is another Parami Airportaxi rank right in front of the departures area. If you are from the customs section, one or two uniforms may come up to you and ask if you are looking for a cab in English.

This is the Parami Airportaxiist. Usually it is USD 8 for Trader Hotel, Park Royal Hotel. If there are more people in the airfield, they will not go with you and you will have to waiting for no people and then you will get it at your cheap.

Or, you can go to the Gold Hallow Group Taxicab booth and pick up the bill, as they said. There is one thing to keep in mind that Gold swingow cabs are older and usually have no A/C: in the automobile, but Parami cabs are newer than them and usually all automobiles have A/C. It' important for some people who want to take an air-conditioned taxi:.... sometime in the future Gold would take 15 USD for an air-conditioned cab to the Park Royal Hotel (I got it from my Malaysian friends), as Parami Cab can drive there with 8 USD or 10 USD most air-conditioned:, and a good conditioned one.

Yes, there are also some urban taxes (not the cab rank of the airport) directly in front of the area of the Aiport. (not too far from the entrance of the Aiport, about 2-3 minutes on foot). There they sent the travellers to depart from the airfield and waited for the incoming travellers.

They can be rented for less than a cab at the university. When you have a lot of baggage, you should hire a cab at the Aiport. Please also be aware that there are only limousines and delivery vans at the paramis and you can only hire cars (7-9 persons) from the Golden Swills.

Taxis can be rented from Yangon International and do not need to be booked in advanced. Yes, Myanmar's exchange rate is moving up and down very quickly. Myanmar residents can use FEC (Foreign Exchange Currency) lawfully and locals can't keep the US dollar legal, but everyone keeps it and does deals with the US dollar.

The Myanmar (Kyats) has recently had a higher exchange rate, i.e. the US dollar is falling. You know that the exchange rate changes each year according to consumption and availability. It''s the price of the subprime mortgage and the goverment's exchange rate is 1USD~6 Kyats. They can get US banknotes in Kyats at the hotels, some places, but you can get more good exchange rates in BoGyoke Aung San Mar.

Do not exchange with FEC at the airfield (government counter). The Trader Hotel is situated in the centre of Yangon and there are many nearby places to eat or you can just take a cab to good places to eat. Not all the places I went to and I would like to ask a simple query that my Malaysian colleagues asked me: "No. 1 Yangon Restaurant".

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