Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation

Société d'approvisionnement en électricité de Yangon

The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation, Yangon. The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC). The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) is committed to supporting the power infrastructure for developers in Yangon.

The YESC steps in to supply power

The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) is committed to supporting the Yangon developer electricity network. The YESC on August 12 last year stated that all builders who apply for a Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) BCC must decide whether the property requires the use of a residential transformers to supply the property with extra energy.

This new regulation was designed to tackle increasing urbanization, which puts pressure on electricity supply costs, the agencies said at the outset. Now there is no need for designers to reinstall the transformer, as the YESC adopted a new guideline on February 15. Under the old policies, builders in the town would be required to fit transformer units to supply electricity to new homes consuming more than 30 kW of electricity per night.

However, this guideline was rejected by the development workers, who were opposed to this concept by an overwhelming majority. On September 28, 2016, 40 building companies sent a common message to the Yangon region authorities to oppose the policies and advocate a new one. It was said by those responsible for signing the letters that not all building companies can make enough money to fund the transformer installations, and these costs will necessarily be shared with the homeowners.

"In other words, the larger the house, the more costly it becomes to supply electricity, which means that subcontractors are likely to opt for inferior transformer systems. That will have a detrimental effect on the residents," said U Yan Aung, a developer then in the Myanmar Times. Under the new guidelines, the new eight-storey houses will be powered by the state.

Therefore, there is no need for designers to install home converters. However, designers who built the eight-storey edifices and got BCC for their edifices now have to settle K550,000 per room with YESC for the electricity. YESC will assist with power supply once it has been paid for all rooms in a build.

Otherwise there is no electricity.

"Had the designers installed residential converters, the costs for each of the buildings would be around K30 million, which would raise the room-rate. Now we don't have to reinstall and the YESC supports it. Costs will be lower than the alternative[previous arrangement]," he added. Another issue, according to U Lar Sal, is the shortage of enough room for the fitting of transforms when the YESC withdraws its back.

Later, if room occupants have any problem getting power from the YESC, they can get help from the Myanmar Licensed Contractors Association, which will be negotiating with the YESC on their behalf. 2.

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