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Set your budget to visit Myanmar's prices and exchange rates in Kyat. The US dollar remains the most popular foreign currency in Myanmar. or Theinphyu Money Exchange Centers. Yangon Office of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization. ""Compared to other currencies, our decline is very hard at the moment.


Reliable currency exchange store in Yangon - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

Hello everyone, would you please all please present the dependable currency exchange store in Yangon's downtown? Please also enter the store adress? Several bureaux de change exist in succession when you reach Yangon International Airports. All of them are offering slightly different prices, so take a moment to find the one with the best price.

Nowadays it is better to change cash in the banking system than in a "shop". There are a few at the Bogyoke fair in the center of town. Some tugboats are also trying to take you to a store. Had to bargain them to the prime rates.

Cathy.....there are now MUCH officials changing money....many of the'shops' are run by bankers, so it's either Xchange desks in some bank or exchange offices run by some bank. While there are some dependable personal coin change machines, you should always keep all road change machines / road change paper. There' are a great many exchange rates in Yangon city centre, and the exchange rates are not very different.

Farmer's Currency Exchange Store and Poker Moneychanger accepts all, but the rates are lower than new notation. Suppose you want to switch after 7pm or 8pm and if many exchange offices are shut, go to the "Man Thiri" store, ground floor, between 39 and 40 th Streets on Anawrahta Rd, Yangon!

Offical coin exchange and good prices! Do you think if I make changes to my US dollar at the banks at the airports, the exchange rates will be lower than those in the centre of the town? Will you please present the name of the renowned Yangon branch? What ist der Standort von Farmers Money exchange store und Pacifica changeur d'argent ?

They downtown? How are the bank's opening times? Banking opens at 9:00 a.m., as do most exchange-desks. The best way is to transfer at the Aiport before taking a taxi to your accommodation!

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