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The love of Thai food is the love of many people all over the world, also in Yangon. WWF Director Nicholas J. Myanmar Climate. The Myanmar climate is a tropical monsoon type. The climate of Myanmar also varies with altitude.

Towns, environment and climate change:

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Displaying the value-less field tables with the icon (-) only means that no averages have been made, if there is insufficient information for calculation. An overall precipitation value of 0 (zero) may indicate that such a reading has been taken and/or that the meteorological information is not transmitted.

Second most affected by climate changes in Myanmar: Survey

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti lead a new landmark ranking of the worst affected states by two decade-long winds, flooding and mudslides that have claimed more than half a million lives, climate experts said on Thursday, alerting of more common catastrophes when the earth's overheat cannot be control. Germanwatch, the Bonn-based interest group representing Germanwatch, has published the 2016 Climate Risk Index, which shows the worst affected by the immediate effects of severe meteorological incidents.

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti were hit hardest by such catastrophes between 1995 and 2014, according to the latest issue of the yearly index. The Philippines, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand and Guatemala followed. More than 525,000 persons were killed as a consequence of about 15,000 incidents, according to the newsman.

Though Honduras suffered less severe than the Philippines, Bangladesh and some other disaster-prone countries, the country's economic loss was highest as a proportion of the population. However, the study considered only the immediate effects of severe climatic conditions, while the adverse effects of heat waves can be much more fatal in terms of adverse effects such as severe droughts and famines.

It' only one part of the jigsaw and is not a complete index of susceptibility to climate changes, scientists underlined. An increasing number of researches combine climate changes with extremes of climate, Germanwatch said. "Against this backdrop, the Climate Risk Index indicates a degree of exposures and vulnerabilities to extremes that should be seen by states as a wake-up call to prepare for more common and/or serious incidents in the future," the paper says.

The Germanwatch called on the leaders of the UN climate change negotiations in Le Bourget, outside Paris, to achieve a global agreement to prevent a climateastrophe. "He warns: Paris must create a far-reaching and sustainable climate regimes that will protect the affected population. The Germanwatch survey for 2014 alone showed that Serbia, Afghanistan and Bosnia were suffering most from severe meteorological outcomes.

The Philippines, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Nepal, Burundi, Bolivia and India followed. According to Germanwatch, most of those who made it into the top 10 of the worst times in 2014 had experienced "extraordinary disasters". But" in recent years, another class of country has gained in importance: those affected by disasters such as the Philippines and Pakistan," it says.

Disaster toll is also influenced by developing policies such as demographic increase in endangered areas and flood prevention, warning her.

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