Yangon City Tour Myanmar

Myanmar Yangon City Tour

The best Yangon City Tour with experience. A full day city tour of Yangon offers the best location of the former capital Myanmar. Letthey (Myanmar Kickboxing) training and/or spectacle in Yangon. Visiting religious sites in Yangon (all day). Explore the past and present of Myanmar's most important trading city.

1 Yangon City Tour - 1 Days

A full-time sightseeing tour of Yangon offers the best location in the former Myanmar city. You' ll be able to see the city centre in UK country folk architecture; discover the city' s markets, caves, numerous caves, monasteries and churches, one of Myanmar' s most impressive being the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is also possible to see the National Museum of Myanmar.

Their Yangon tour begins with a tour of the city' s colorful centre. The 2000-year-old Sule Pagoda, the beautiful lying Buddha in Chauk Htat Gyi and after a stop at Karaweik Hall, a hamsa-bird-shaped swimming barque on Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake, discover the Bogyoke (Scotts) village square with thousands of groceries, clothing, crafts and gemstone shops.

Visit the Kaba Aye (World Peace Pagoda) and the Mahapasana Cave, where the 6th Buddha istant. Drive to the oldest Yangon sanctuary in China and Botataung Pagoda on the riverbank. And last but not least, you can see the 8 metre high Gold Lion Chrone and the Mandalay Royal Regalia in the National Museum.

Complement your Yangon experience with an extensive tour of one of the world's most stunning sights, the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Guided Yangon Tours & Events

Choose from our selection of city sightseeing and Yangon activity from the following table. 18 hole golfing on one of Yangon's renowned golfe. Visit a Myanmar National League soccer game ("weekend matches" during the Jan-Aug season). Take part in a classic kick boxing fight in Myanmar and/or take part in a workout. This is a scenic and relaxed Yangon River beach sightseeing tour.

Enjoy an entire full days practice under the guidance of one of the Yangon traditionally held centers of mediation. Participate in a funny photoshooting in typical burmesian clothes. Talk to the renowned Myanmar astronomer Sayar San Zarni Bo. Take a relaxing stroll through Yangon's busy historical fairs - Scott Market, Theingyi Zay and others.

Have a look with a Yangon tour leader (half day) at the areas that make up the diversity of Yangon's people. Find out more about the places that make up Yangon's varied worship past, among them the temple, church and more (all day). An intriguing view of the city centre of Yangon's wealthy legacy (half day).

Experience Yangon's wonderful sights and gardens. Find out more about Yangon's attractions, gardens, memorials and sights.

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