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Accommodation Golden Rock and Bago Tour from Yangon. Explore the best of Yangon with this all-day private city tour from Yangon City or Yangon Airport. Get lost in the bustle of Yangon as the city comes alive at sunset. It is a lively city, a meeting point of East and West, old and new. Discover the history, culture and traditions of Myanmar's former capital Yangon with our incredible sightseeing tour.

Myanmar Yangon sightseeing in Yangon - Yangon City Tours

Yangon, formerly known as Dagon, is the most cosmopolitan city in Myanmar with 5 million inhabitants. The Yangon word for" end of the quarrel". Established in 1752 by the Burmese kings of Oberburma, it moved from Dagon to Yangon. The British re-named Myanmar (Burma) Rangoon in 1885 because it was difficult for them to say it correctly as a local.

Until 2005 it was the capitol. Yangon is still a very important trading city. Yangon's most intriguing is the most sacred pagoda,'Shwedagon', which is said to have been constructed 2600 years ago and is also the landmark of Myanmar (Burma). Included in the tour: Walk through the centre of Yangon, where you can see mainly UK styled settlement houses (Town Hall, Sule-Pagode, which is thought to have been constructed about 2200 years ago).

Drive down the beach lane to the BEACH HOSTEL, the over a hundred year old Myanmar's most pricey resort. Bokyoke Aung S. Mart (formerly known as Scott Market), dating back to 1920, offers a large selection of jewellery, jewelry, ruby, jade, gemstone and clothing, canvases.

Visiting the ChaukHetGyi lying Buddha (72 metres long, one of the four longest lying Buddhas in Myanmar). This is the last stop at the largest, the most sacred pagoda (SHWE DAGON PAGODA), which was probably constructed about 2600 years ago. This pagoda is 100 metres high and over 3,000 kilos of golden are all-gilt.

Endpoint: We'll end up in the game. Airconditioned vehicle, petrol, tolls, guide charges are inclusive. Meals, entrance fee and your own expenditure. Eating in Burma is neither as much money nor as inexpensive. It' probably going to be $5 a head for some Burmese cuisine.

Obviously it will be expensive if you go to the place that offers westerly cuisine. The one thing is that you need to get some very crunchy money to Myanmar. Remark: 10 US$ per capita are calculated for license dues, which means that the entry is from the port to the port.

I' m a licenced tourist leader and I' ll escort you in a car with my chauffeur - I can always and everywhere with you. I' m just an English speaker guidebook. He is the impeccable leader, his English is very good and he is very respectful of the needs of his people.

Since we hadn't been to Myanmar before, he maximized our travel times to get the most out of our stop.

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