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???? ????????? - ?????? ?????????. Map of Yangon (Yangon region / Myanmar), view from satellite. It can be considered a paradise for nature lovers, even if it is a city.

The Yangon Tourism Map - City walk through city Yangon

City Map of Yangon / Map / Plan de ville. Yangon is one of the most beautifully conserved Asian city colonies; the selection of architectonically impressive architecture is astonishing. The Downtown Yangon is the most interesting part for visitors, together with the Shwedagon pit stop, which is a brief cab trip on the Shwedagon pit stop.

At the bottom is a touristic map of the city centre around the Pagode Sule with its most spectacular colorful monument. Myanmar City Walking map, The Myanmar Government's designated Myanmar Travels and Tours (MTT, see map) is located next to the Immanuel Baptist Church. Rail tickets can be booked at the Central Railway Terminal and there is an advance sales point (1-3 nights in advance) at Bogyoke Aung San Street just across the Sule Puagoda intersection, opposite the Sakura Towers.

It' a little difficult to find the ticket agency. Begin your walks at the Sule Pagoda, the centre of Yangon. Yangon's striking and contemporary town hall (1) is situated right on lively Sule Pagoda Place. Constructed around the 1930s by a Myanmar architectural firm, this is one of the few remaining Burma based rural houses with its own unique Myanmar architecture.

Then go east along Mahabandoola Strait; on the right side is the grass-covered Mahabandoola Gardens Park, which was cleared in 2015. The Rowe & Company edifice (2) is on the edge of Mahabandoola Gardens St; a 1910 emporium known as the Harrods of the East.

In 2009 the nasty red-yellow edifice appeared used up. The AYA Bank has been based here since its refurbishment in 2014 and now features an exclusive honeymoon tart with cream-coloured fudge stripes and a striking clock tower on the edge. Turn southwards on the Pansodanstrasse.

Pansodan is the most scenic part of Yangon; on both sides are the Rangoon monuments, some galleries and some cafes. At the first nook is the Telegraph Desk (3); this walled Edardian building with a classic Portikus was Rangoon's connection to the outside environment.

To the right is the 110-year-old Rangoon High Court buildin (4). Odd things are happening with Yangon heritage sites, for example the huge secretariat (11) has been shut down for years. The Rander House (5) is on the edge of Merchant Rd - now the Internal Revenue Department.

The Rander House is an impressive five-storey edifice with a fixed grille and delicate art deco elements. Across from the Rander House on the Pansodan and Merchant Rd. is the 1906 sofaer & Co. Further on the lefthand side is a rather inconspicuous house, which used to be the Grindlays Bank and is now inhabited by Myanmar Agricultural Bank.

The Yangon Heritage Trust is located on the second storey of Pansodan Street no. 22-24. You are very actively involved in the preservation of the historical Yangon heritage. The Myanma Port Authority seen from the beach. The Myanma Port Authority build in 1920 is located at the end of Pansodan Street on the beach and at the edge of the street (7).

Across from the Port Authority is the old Accountant General's Offices (16), a rather run-down structure that is now used as an administration for the Yangon Division Court. They can take a look inside the offices, but access is not permitted. If you see the beach lane in front of you, you can either turn to your right towards the west or, if you are ready, take a short stroll to the west, up and down the very lively bank lane, which is full of stands and doubly parking and a little hard to cross.

This is the back of the impressive Yangon Region Court (14) and the Custom House (15). On the Pagodenstrasse Sule, the old Reserve Bank of India (13) was renamed Yangon Stock Exchange in Mar 2016. A brief stroll west along Merchant St. will take you back to Pansodan Rd and down to the beach.

From here you can pass the bustling beach at the pedestrian bridge to see the square and the Dala boat on the Yangon river. On the east side of the street to the post office, where many rural houses are located, among them the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation (8), founded by the Wallace Brothers of Edinburgh.

This is the Myanmar Airways offices. Along the lively beach lane we find the well-known Strand Hotel (9) and at the next turn the beautiful chestnut brown post house (10), the former Bulloch Brothers & Co. Turn lefthand into Bo Aung Kyaw St. at the main post offices.

Go north to the intersection of Anawrahta Strait. There are only dwellings along this route, mostly from former colonies. The large, stylish and imposing secretariat or minister's office is located at the edge of Anawrahta and Bo Aung Kyaw Streets (11). It was here that General Aung San (Bogyoke Aung San) was murdered during a session of the government.

Sadly, the enormous vectorian buildings ensemble (the 400,000 sq. m. large structure is two third the area of the Louvre) has been sealed for many years and can only be taken behind the arch. Drive back west to the bustling Sule Pagoda Street in downtown Yangon and enjoy a cup of appuccino or other refreshments in one of the many cafes or outings.

Or, if you still have the feet, you can go to the Bogyoke Aung San store for it. Next morning, after your purchase at the Bogyoke Aung San Mark-Yangon's biggest market-you can take a walk along the much calmer Bogyoke Aung San Street in the western part.

On the next nook is the Trinity Cathedral (1886). Yangon's other large cathedral is St. Mary's Cathedral, designed by Jos Cuypers and completed in 1899. A little further along Bogyoke Aung San Street you will see Rangoon General Hospital (12), constructed in 1911, which can be viewed but cannot be photographed.

Further trips through Yangon City. The Free Yangon Walk (freeyangonwalks.com) seems to have declined in 2017 due to a shortage of free people. They now have free hikes two nights a week. 2. The Heritage Building and George Orwell Literary Trekking Trips (3 hours) are also available.

Learn more about Yangon color architecture: jangonarchitecture. tomblr - Yangon color culture on tomblr. pansuriya.wordpress. com - Panjodan Fine-Artsgallery. Bookstores on Panjodan St. Take your British textbooks and sale them to the second-hand bookstores just west of the city. AYA Bank, 2 Rowe & Co - Mahabandoola Avenue. 5 Rander House (1932) - Panjodan approx. 6 Sofaer & Co.

Pansodan rd, now a place to eat. 15 Custom house - Strand / Mahabandoola Garden st. 16 Accountant General's Office - Pansodan et Strand. Click for more hints for visitation. Increased numbers of visits from colonies. When you have more free access to Yangon, two more places near the Shwedagon pit are definitely waiting for you: the Pegu Club and the Nga Htat Gyi pit.

The Nga Htat Gyi pit or Ngahtatgyi sanctuary is a Buddhistic sanctuary on Shwegondine Road. It is also called the'big secret' marina because it is not on the normal touristic route. Combination with the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha on the other side of the city. Besides the Shwedagon Puagoda there is also the Botataung Puagoda on the river bank, which is definitely recommendable to visit.

And, of course, the wonderful old..... but you have to ask your cabbie who should know everything about Rangoon. Wowitravel. org/de/Yangon - Wiki guidebook - Yangon.

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