Yangon City Hall

City Hall of Yangon

Yangon City Hall's architecture tells a story of growing nationalism in the last decades of colonial rule. The Yangon City Hall is located near Maha Bandula Garden. Yangon City Hall is located in the centre of Yangon next to the Sule Pagoda. State of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) Land : The Yangon City Hall is the city hall of Yangon, Burma's largest city, and the seat of the Yangon City Development Committee.

Town Hall - architectural guide: the Yangon

Yangon City Hall's architechture is a story of growing naturalism in the last few centuries of the Colonies. Sarah Rooney told in 30 Heritage Builds of Yangon that the first blueprints for a new town hall were drawn up in 1913. UK stewards saw in his drafts the pledge of "the most beautiful group of architectonic structures in Burma".

Firstly, the motive of the lotuses that fills the balcony on the 4th story is in harmony with the Buddhaist heritages. Secondly, the three-story arches are reminiscent of the Bombay architectural style. Other parts were constructed by AC Martin & Co. (who were also in charge of the construction of the city's tarmac streets and the main post office).

Even today, the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) is still housed in the property. The YCDC's mandates derive from Rangoon city law and the 1922 Rangoon city law, but the YCDC itself was founded by the SLORC administration in 1990. YCDC is autonomous from the administration and charges its own revenues, but the administration nominates the chairman/mayor.

The first local election was in Yangon in December 2014, but was hampered by low voter participation and a disputed "one vote for all. YCDC is an important part of city preservation. The SLORC administration permitted the demolition of several listed structures in the nineties. In 1996, after the people' s cry, the YCDC compiled a list of cultural heritages.

With 189 properties, the prestigious building was the first of its kind in the city. Though the Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT) considers it imperfect, it is still an important yardstick. YCDC and other partner organizations (including YHT and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA) are working on new zoneation and design rules.

City Hall, Yangon

There are a number of places of worship in Yangon that are a must for any tourist coming to Myanmar. The city is a mixture of faiths, which is why you can see various holy places, from the pagoda (typical of Myanmar) to the Baptist church established many centuries ago with the missionaries' coming.

Go on this worship trip to the holy places of Yangon. Travelling distance: Yangon's west is the most beautiful and interesting part of the city. The Royal Barge, the Shwedagon Pagoda and the National Museum are all of the highest quality touristic sites. There' s a lot to see, so take this hike and don't miss some of the most exciting sights in West Yangon.

Travelling distance: The Eastern Yangon Tours takes you to the most thrilling places you have ever seen. Visits to the city' s indigenous and tourist favorite market places, the city' s historic gems such as the Town Hall and the High Court Building. In the end of the trip you will go to the convent and perhaps meditate a little.

Travelling distance:

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