Yangon City Centre

City of Yangon

The staff were helpful and courteous near a shopping centre (intersection centre, I think). Centrally located on Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, one of the two main thoroughfares leading from the city centre On the most prominent street in Yangon is Pyay Road, Dagon Township near the city centre and an important cultural attraction in Yangon, Myanmar. Rangoon City Centre, Myanmar, Burma. Mahar Bandhula Rd with the Sule Pagoda at the end. Half day Yangon City Tour.

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Rangoon (Burmese: ???????), formerly Rangoon, was the capitol of Myanmar until it was superseded by Naypyidaw in November 2005. Today, with over 5 million inhabitants, it is the biggest city and business centre of Myanmar. Yangon, the country's former capitol, is Myanmar's biggest and most cosmopolitan city, where you can find night life, many of the country's famous art galleries, and many of its famous cinemas.

It is a fusion of English, Burma, Chinese and Hindi influence, known for its decayed but almost uniquely Asian style rural city. The construction of new high-rise towers began in the 1990', when the state began to make it possible for people to invest privately, and with the implementation of the reform in 2013, many new city centre properties will be built and renovated.

Yangon's former name was not the only casualty of changes in this state. In order to exacerbate the ongoing crises of the city' s image as the city' s capitol, the city was robbed. Whilst the goverment still demands foreign nationals to record their passes in hotel and residence, the goverment no longer makes any effort to pursue or otherwise supervise visitors and foreign nationals to Yangon.

The Yangon (Mingladon) RGNIATA is located about 30 minutes from the city centre. You can get to and from the airports easily by cab (10 US$ from one city to another or 7.000k yat from city to city, all prepaid). Leaving the main station and turning right and taking the street for about 10 minutes, you will reach Pyay Rd, from where you can take the 51 tram, which will take you one stop eastwards of Sule Paya (200 kyat).

So it was cheaper to get to the Aiport, take the coach, get off at the Aiport Road and take a cab for the rest of the mile (about 1 US$ after negotiation). In theory, you could ask the drivers at the airports to take you to the stop if you don't like it.

Busstop name is "Mile 10" on Pyay Rd and it is line 51, but you may have difficulty being heard if no one is writing it down for you in written form in Burma with exact directions (so it is much simpler to use this to get to the airfield because you can ask your hotels for help).

There is another way to split a cab. RGN is served directly from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Dubai, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Gaya, Kolkata, Kunming, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei. Prepaid cabs are available for payment at the check-in desk, but it is simpler and less expensive to leave the terminals and deal directly with the taxicar who oversees cab sales in Mingladon.

A full package without a counter or baggage costs a few thousand cyat. D-161791 Yangon Central Railway Station ([jà??ò?? bùdàd?í]), Kun Chan Road, (York Lan bus stop). Yangon is connected to the remainder of Burma by several railway routes. There are several overnight services connecting Yangon with Mandalay via Bago with Bagan and Inle Lake in Thazi.

Yangon Mandalay rates for one person are US$35-50, for one place US$30-40 in the first grade and US$10-15 in the second grade. There' s also a line between Yangon and Bagan (US$35), but it takes almost 24 hours for a rough trip and the exchange in Thazi is better.

Burma's oldest line is the Yangon-Pyay line, showing its time. Mawlamyine line is also rough and the 9 hour fast trains (06:15, US$17-11) and 11 hour fast trains (07:00, US$14-5) are slightly longer than on the highways. One hundred and fifty years ago, yangon was reached by boat, and inland waterway ferry (IWT) still operates in the big canals.

From Yangon to Mandalay lasts 5 day with a transfer at Pyay (3 days) and the way back (downstream) lasts 3 also. There is a luxurious shuttle (the Delta Queen) to commemorate the Yangon-Pathein period (approx. 20 hours, 170 US$/person). On the Mandalay line there is strong rivalry with air-conditioned rates from 10,500k yat (Mandalar Minn, Elite ) to 18,000k yat for a 3-seater V.I.P. coach (Elite).

This new motorway has drastically shortened the journey time to the northern part, whereby the Mandalay journey with a good coach takes just over 8 hours. Busses to Bagan are 15,000 kyats less expensive. You can buy 13,000 kyats coach passes in the arena (haggle!). There are many ferries to the Hwy coach station in a 1,000 kilo pick-up.

Taxis are about 6,000 kyats. - 45- minutes by cab to Hlaing Thar Yar bus station. 6,000 kyat). Busses to Kyaiktiyo (Kinpun) depart in the early hours (4. 5h, 6.000 kyat). The busses to Mawlamyine (6 hours across the new bridge) run in the early hours and at 8,000kyats.

There are also busses to Sittwe and Thandwe (Ngapali Beach), but the street is poor and the trip is long. From the highway to the city is possible by the 43 coach for 300kyats. As you head to the airport you will ask your local tourist office to note it down in Burma and take the 200-k yat 200 coach from City Council across from Sule Paya to the city centre.

It will take about 1 hour to get to the 43 stop, but give yourself some free rein to make sure you arrive and take any possible delay into account by departing 2 hours from Sule Paya before your departure. With the new viaduct and renewed highway, the busses to Pathein take less than 4 hours and the ride is comfy.

You can reach the Hlaing Thar Yar coach terminal in 45 minutes by cab. 6,000 kyats. Large coach operators that serve the most important touristic attractions (Aung Mingalar Coach Terminal) have retail outlets opposite Yangon Railway Terminal (you can also buy a "shuttle ticket" to the 1,000 kilo coach terminal). Yangon is the city where Toyotas spend the remainder of their lives, and the simplest way to get to the city is by taxid.

Real cabs have real license numbers in scarlet, wear a laminate leaflet and a large format cab drivers license on the instrument panel of the vehicle, but all cabs are dependable. Cabs are always available outside the larger hotel, at Sule Pagoda Rd, outside Cafe Aroma and in front of the southern entry to Shwedagon Pagoda during the daytime.

Outside the city centre, e.g. near the cheap Pazundaung municipality hostels, you may have to hold off before a cab shows up and it may be simpler to ask your property to call one for you. When you travel in the early morning e.g. to reach a 4:00am plane or rail, make an appointment with your accommodation the night before.

There is always a cab in front of the Central Hotel on Bogoyoke Aung San Rd. When you are not sure how much you should be paying, you can expect the chauffeur to charge you 500 Kie. In case of any doubts, ask for 500 kilo less than the indicated rate.

Downtown to Aung San Suu Kyi International Airports, 6,000-8,000k yat; Downtown to Shwedagon Pagoda, 2,500-3,000k yat; Downtown to Pazundaung Municipality, 2,500kyat; Downtown to Aung San Suu Kyi home, 3,000kyat; Downtown to Kandawgyi Lake, 3,000k yat; downtown to Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal, 5,000-6,000k yat; downtown to Thar Yar Bus Terminal, 4,000kyat.

The majority of cabs are willing to bargain an hour ('3,000 kyat) or a day (20 to 30 US$) or longer. You can take a cab anywhere and you can theoretically stop a cab and arrange a journey to Pathein or Bago or other places at a much cheaper fare than through a tourist office.

Taxidrivers also calculate a reserve of 1,500k yat for shorter journeys. Tomb (a cab application that is very much loved in Southeast Asia) can also help you capture cabs at a reasonable cost. Trishaw's are rare in the city centre (and not allowed before 10:00 am), but are more readily available in the neighborhood.

Narotiate rates in advance, but 500-1000k yat for a brief drive of ten minutes, while just over a native would be paying is reasonable. Some applications may be useful, although they are in Burmese and show buses stop and single routes on the card (e.g. Yangon Service Official App[2] for Android).

Sixteen-seventeen10 Nan Thida Ferry Terminal and Pansodan Ferry Terminal, Pansodan Street and Strand Road Avenue. The 1719811 Botahtaung Jetty, Botahtaung Pagoda Road. Motorcycles and bikes are not allowed in Yangon (although they are allowed elsewhere in the country). In comparison to other large South East Asia towns, the city centre of Yangon is relatively unaffected by developments.

Perhaps the best conserved example of a Europe's Colonisation City in Southeast Asia is Yangon. 14994441 Shwedagon Paya (Taxi from the city centre is 2.500-3.000 cyat. It can also take the 204, 100kya. Capture them on the Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rd opposite the pubic restrooms when you pass the overbridge.

It opens at 5:00 am, but usually visitors are not admitted until 6:30 am. Shwedagon or Paya is the most important place of worship in Myanmar. Situated on the top of Singuttara Hill, the place has been holy since the beginning of times just before our present day life was born.

Gautama, the Buddha as we know him, is the forth of these five (Maitreya, the fifth, will announce the end of the earth with his appearance) and according to tradition, two brethren bring eight Buddha's hair to be anchored in this holy place by dedicating the Shwedagon Pagoda.

No matter what the true story is, the traceable story documents a holocaust in this place since the sixth world war. Constructed and reconstructed, gold-plated and newly gold-plated, almost nothing is old in the coupé except what is deeply concealed in the stupa. The top half of the top of the peak of the pagoda and many other structures were damaged by an 18. cent. earthquake.

It is an interesting place: multi-coloured fluorescent tube that highlights a universe of colors, texture and forms. SWEDAGON catches the quintessence of both the informality and the deep bond that the Burmese have with their Buddhism. 10,000 kyats. Guide, officially and unofficially, are available for US$5 (extra US$1/1,000k yat tip).

It is huge and complicated, and if you can buy the additional costs, the business and the hands-on information about what is happening around you is really inconvenient. You will find the nearest eatery at the crossroads of Shwedagon Rd and U Hlaung Bo St. (at the foot of the southern path).

On a small street below the pavilion there are some teashops where you can get teas and cakes. There are many restaurants just off the northern side of the Inya Road and outside Savoy, including a good fastfood eatery for pizzas, coffees and sundwiches.

There is a street on the southern side half way up Singuttara Hill and an lift will take you the other part. Some places where you can keep your boots for a 5 kilo charge on the bottom of every sidewalk, but this can be a bit of a hassle if you use the eastern sidewalk and want to go northwards.

It has the shape of a Grecian cloister. On the top is the eight-cornered crossing point, which is made up of the central mound itself, encircled by a shrine that can itself be classified as a temple and separate from the mound by a large, open path cobbled with pointed, gleaming stone slabs.

Walks to the cloakroom. There are four roofed paths leading from the levels that surround the mounds up to the cloister. Going up the east path and letting the beauties of the mountain rise is the best way to get up the mountain. It'?s the deck of the pagodas. It is a sacred room without ceremony and circumstances and one of the best places in the whole wide universe to relax and observe.

Eight sanctuaries, one for each of the days of the weeks (in the Myanmar calender, Wednesday is split into two parts), are spread around the eight edges of the stupa (the stupa is octagon ), and most people in Burma worship at their sanctuary when they visit a cloakroom. But the woodcarvings on the rooftop are excellent, probably the most beautiful in the area.

The Maha Ganda Belfry was poured between 1775 and 1779 and weighed 23 tons. The British, struck by the grandeur of the bells, tried to take them as spoils of the First Burmese Wars (1825), but instead abandoned them in the Yangon River.

Burmese, with some bamboos, succeeded in retrieving the dome and it was brought back to the cloakroom. A small pavillon behind the bells offers an outstanding look at the stupa (spectacular at night) and a panorama look at the city. Traungdawgyi and Sandawdwin Tazaung. Naungdawgyi or Elder Wooden Tablet should be on the northern side of the path, marking the place where the holy wisps of Buddha's Buddha's fur were placed and rinsed before they were anchored in the cup.

You can' put a woman on the deck of the Pagodasdam. This 1485 plaque tells the history of Shwedagon in Pali, Mon and Burma. This is one of the few demonstrably ancient buildings in the area. A 163894 Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha, Shwe Gon Taing Rd, Bahan Township. In 13416 Judson Church, Pyay Rd (bus to Marlar stop, in the west part of Yangon University).

It' one of two Yangon churches and has a nice interieur. To the north of Bogyoke Zay bus stop, south of Phaya Lan station, just off Shwedagon Pagoda Rd. In 152278 Maha Wizaya Pagoda, Shwe Pagode Road (Shwedagon Pagode South Gate Bus Stop). and turtle lake (west of the Maha Wizaya Pagoda).

Milamu Paya. Milanamu Paya also shows a pavillion on an artificial pond and several chehemi. In 1736311 E.A. Mumsar Mosque, Kyaik Ka San Rd (north of a bloc of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi). Yangon's only temple. 1 539514 His Yaung Chi Pagoda. 16.773396. D-170515 Siyin Baptist Church, Maha Bandoola Road und 50-th St 16.774596.

The Sule Pagoda (158816 Sule Paya), Maha Bandula Street. Sule Paya is a 46 metre long eight-sided Stupa, which, according to the history of the area, was constructed 2000 years ago to accommodate a wisp of Buddha's unravel.

Be it Buddha's strands of Buddha's head or not, the gallery of the Buddha is an haven of tranquility from the chaos of intercourse that surrounds it all and sundry. 1974-118 Butterfly lakes, U Ba Han St (NE of the A.K.K. shopping centre). 1419 Inya Sea. It' the biggest pond in town.

Several parts of the shorelines of Inya are within walking distance and well known for their parks. On the shores of Inya Lake is the renowned Inya Lake Hotel, now a Dusit and Yangon University property (in a wonderful park-like setting). Around the pond there are mansions in the possession of warlords. Kandawgyi lake (formerly Victoria Lakes), Kan Yeik Tha Rd, Nat Mauk Street (northeast of the city center).

It is best known for its caraveik (at its southeast tip), a reproduction of a Burma king ship. At the southern end of the pond there is also a panel hike, from which you have a better outlook than from the garden. Aliens are paying 300k yat, and there is a tag that indicates that there is also a 500kyat cameraway and a 1,000k yat videocameraway, but those don't seem to be forcible.

cinematographer 300k yat (+ possible 500k yat camerage charge, + possible 1,000kyat camerage charge). It is a penninsula with a good view of the sea and is the entrance to Karaweik. Three hundred kyats. The Kandawlay Shi'a Muslim Cemetery, Bo Min Yaung St (north of Kandawlay Sunni Muslim Cemetery).

1492324 Kan Taw Mingalar Garden (to the right of the Shwedagon complex). There is a great panorama of the town hall and the monumental town. Situated on a mound, the tomb borders on Shwedagon Paya. There is a wonderful panorama on Yangon. Dhammazedi Rd, Ahlon Rd, U Wisara Rd (west of the Shwedagon Pagoda).

Occupied 130 mornings, between Shwedagon Paya and Shwedagon Paya and known for its large cement well. The starting money is 1.000 Kyats per participant. Approximately 3.000 kyats from the city. A-1606435 Central Bank of Myanmar, No. 1 Industriestrasse. 15882836 Centrepoint Towers, Sule Pagoda Road (west of Maha Bandoola Garden).

Fifteen-66437 City Council, Maha Bandula Road. Headquarters of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC). It was the focus of large scale policy protests and was the scene of several bomb attacks, among them in 2000, 2008 and 2009. 4,000kyats, Myanmar citizen: 100yat. It is on the Yangon City Heritage List.

14977240 Martyr Mausoleum (Near the Southern Gateway of Shwedagon). By 1983, the country's structures were bombarded by DPRK operatives who attempted to murder the APR. By February 2012, 7 domestic and 3 overseas businesses had proposed to the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) to transform the ministerial residence into a hospitality establishment and museology.

The 138242 U Thant Museum, Inya Road (corner of Tha Thone Street). A 162644 beach resort, 92 beach Rd. Myanmar's oldest and most renowned resort, Sarkies Brethren from 1901. D-1375845 Yangon Region Parliament (congress building), Pyay Rd (west of Volkspark). The Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall, U Wisara Road (opposite the Military History Museum, Phaya Lan Station, half a kilometer away).

Bogyoke Aung San Stadium, Zoological Garden Road (bus to York Lan. - north of Yangon Central Railway Station). This is a great opportunity to get an insight into everyday living in Yangon. You can buy your ticket at the stationmaster's offices (platform 7, Yangon Station). Salesmen, greengrocers, monks, comuters, all use the trains that travel through the many towns around Yangon.

From Yangon station, the trains depart either from track 4 or 7, one running counterclockwise and the other counterclockwise. $500k ( "same rate for tourist since 2014 and can no longer be payed in US$). Fifteen3942 Ferris Wheel, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd (Inya Lakeshore East Side). Sightseeing and cooking demonstration (Governor's Residence Hotel).

National Swimming Pool, U Wisara Road. 1588797 Thamada Cinema, Alan Pya Pagoda St. (bus to York Lan stop). Yangon is a place where you can enjoy your holidays, because unlike other congested cities, Yangon allows foreign visitors to see things without distractions at certain time. Sellers in the city centre are not permitted to open their stores until 6:00 pm.

In 191681 A.K.K. Shopping Centre, Lay Daungkan Rd (Thin Gan Gyun Station E0.7km). Though not as famous as Bangkok or Hong Kong, Yangon is an ideal place to have a custom shirts made. Capital Hypermarket, Min Nandar Road (east of Nga Moe Yeik Bridge). A 130954 Junction Square Shopping Centre, Kyun Taw Road (bus to Seik Pyo Yay stop).

#175026 Kyauk Myaung Market, Kyatk Ka San Street (Kyauk Myaung Zay Busstop). Fifteen7 Market Place by Citymart, Dhama Zedi Road (near the Singapore Embassy). Mingalar Zay, Banyardala Road (bus to Mingalar Zay stop). Shweedagon Paya. The Super One is a division with many different articles and food of different makes, of which even in the largest Yangon store nothing can be found.

One of the city' s most prestigious malls. The prices at the airports are almost as cheap as in the city, so exchange your currency there or get your currency at an ATM. Yangon has more than 500 ATMs[3], but not all can work. Usually the payout threshold is 300,000 kyats plus a handling charge of 5,000 kyats.

In the last ten years, Yangon has seen an explosion in dining and a large choice of world class food is available: There is a multiethnic character to the city and the countryside. A specialty is Buryani, a meal of raw rices and meats rooted in the Mughal Empire, and there are many Buryani restuarants (dan-PAO-sain in Burmese) in the city centre, especially along Anawratha Rd.

Yangon Street's atmosphere is not suitable for outdoor dining, but Anawratha Rd and Mahabandoola Rd are littered with caterers. Dining and cafés in hotel and at the airports cost the same as in the West, but at a roadside stand a full lunch is 500-2,000kyats. Peddlers are selling zamosas, bulb beans and other snack bars around Anawratha St between Sule Paya Road and Shwe Bontha St in downtown Yangon for less than 200 cats.

There are 999 Shan noodles shop, 130 pcs. Tiny snacks with very good pasta for about 1,000 Kie. Thai & Chinese Family Restuarant (In the commercial centre next to the Parkroyal Hotel; on the escalators to the top storey and on the right hand side). Approx. 1,000-1,500 kyats per dish.

2,000 kyats. Gold Chetti City (locations throughout Yangon). Seven hundred kyats. Shwe Ba Ristorante, 27h5th St. (quite far from the northerly entry of Shwedagon Pagoda). 2,500 kyats. It' better and less expensive than Golden City. 1,000-1,500 kyats. There is another vegetarian café a few dozen miles just south of the same area. The only signs are written in Mandarin.

There is a service on this street between 18:00-19:00 when many stands are open. The only independent café, resturant and lounge in Yangon's west facing area. Sule Pagoda Rd (opposite the Traders Hotel). Karaveik Buffet Restuarant, Kan Pat St (Lake Kandawgyi), ? +95 1 290546. Dhammazedi Rd. Sabai Sabai.

The majority of the meals are about 4,000 kyats. Usually cabbies know the place. An exquisite Yangon based ltalian food court. 155894 Le Planteur Bar and Restaurante, 22 Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd (next to the Golden Hill Tower), ? +95 1 541997. 15-66-5575 Signature Garden Restuarant (corner Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd and Kan Yeik Thar Rd, Kandawgyi Relaxation Zone).

Beach Hôtel, 92 Beach Rd. Yangon's luxurious boutique resort, established in 1901 by the Sarkies legend who also established the East and East Orient in Penang and the Raffles in Singapore. Serve in the eatery one of the classical samples of the Southeast Asian country hospital. Night life in Yangon is rather restricted by the West and can be difficult to find.

Approximately 500 kyats for a Myanmar beer. The price of whisky is 2,000 kyats per can. Night clubs in the Park Royal are The Music Club (at the Park Royal Park Royal and Paddy O'Malley's (Sedona Entrance 5 USD, one beverage included). The BME1 and BME2 in the northern part of the city and Pioneer in the eastern part of the city centre.

Accomodation in Yangon is much more pricey than in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City or Bali. Tourist can still afford to buy in US$ (bring only newer US$ notes in good condition), but the Kyoto is now used more often. Most of the time, budgeted properties are located outside the city centre. This has the advantage that the hotel is more quiet, the city centre can be quite loud and you get a little more space for your own cash.

You' re gonna need a cab to get to the major attraction, the Shwedagon Pagoda, anyway. Disadvantage is that most places are in the city centre, a long stroll or a cab journey away and the selection outside the centre is restricted, with the only option being a place to eat that is connected to the motel, has an incurious kitchen and can be shut down if the shop is running slowly.

Some low-cost centrally located properties are quite shoddy except for a few. Mid-price properties are spread across the city, with one sentence focusing on the few boulders around the Sule Pagoda and a second sentence just south of the Shwedagon Pagoda. There are luxury lodgings around Lake Kandawgyi or in the city centre.

The breakfast is almost always inclusive and the price rises with the costs of the hotels in terms of quantity and diversity. At a cheap guesthouse you will find a handful of bananas, an eggs, some bred and a cup of mixed coffees (a prepackaged mixture of ground coffees, powdered dairy products and plenty of sugar). One important element when selecting a suitable accommodation is the power supply.

Power is often cut off all over the city. 100 Bogyoke Aung San Rd (Although the Bogyoke Rd. is located on the Bogyoke Rd., the Guest House is located on the small but bustling Bogyoke Aung San road (49th Street) just on your right, ? +95 1 299874, e-mail: aungsi49@gmail.com.

24-hour access to 24-hour access to a free Wi-Fi, warm running and power in our 24-hour rooms. Our employees can organize transportation and bookings. The Beautyland II 188-192 33nd Street (3 blocs from Sule Pagoda, in the centre of the 33th Street), ? +95 1 240054, +95 1 240227. Centrally located, staffed by kind and supportive people.

441-445 Mahabandoola Street (west side of the Sule Pagoda), ? +95 1 253779. HiNinn Si Budget Inn, 213/215 Bota Taung Pagoda Rd. hotel Everest, Bogyoke Aung San St, 51h & 51nd St (A few blocks from Sule Pagoda). Centrally located. Long stroll or brief cab ride from the city centre.

259/263 Anawratha Rd (opposite the New Delhi Restaurant), ? +95 1 240014, e-mail: sunflower.ygn@mptmail.net.mm. Located at the bustling crossroads of Anawratha Rd and Shwe Bontha St., just a few walking steps from the Sule Pagoda and the train stop, the hostel is in a great position but can be very loud. The Three Seasons Hôtel, 83-85 53nd St, Botataung Municipality, ? +95 1 293304, Fax:

Pleasant Brazilian people and a good place to live if you want to spend a few nights in Yangon and need a place to call home. Nearer to the center than Motherland Inn 2, but still a little more on foot.US$7-20. Whitehouse Hotel, 69/71 Konzaydan St, Pabedan Township (A few blocks from the Sule Pagoda), ? +95 1 240780, +95 1 240781, e-mail: whitehouse.mm@gmail.com.

8-storey backpackers motel. There is a breathtaking view of the city from the top of the penthouses-eating area. Includes a great city plan with a great location with buses and itineraries. 41 Nawaday St. (Between Shwedagon Pagoda and downtown). Bogyoke Aung San Rd (next to Trader's Hotel), ? +95 1 241 001, Fax:

951248003, e-mail: central.ygn@mptmail.net.mm. Situated in a good location, this luxurious establishment offers medium-priced accommodation. It has room services, a well-liked coffeeshop and a traditional China style dining room. It belongs to the Yangon City administration and an armed forces Col. US$30-35. Mahabandoola Garden St (behind the town hall, near the Sule Pagoda), ? +95 370920, Fax:

Small shop with well-equipped rooms in a peaceful location just south of Shwedagon Pagoda. Situated in the Bahrain Quarter (about 2 km from the Shwe Dagon Pagoda) only a few minutes from the Bahrain Quarter. It' a sweet, small, peaceful tea wood restaurant adorned with Burma traditionally lacquered goods.

Fifteen9233 Clover and Wingabar Rd Hotels, Wingabar Rd, Bahan Township (opposite the Japanese Embassy), ? +95 9 73177781, +95 9 73177782, +95 9 73177783, +95 9 73177784. More than 40 rooms provide essential facilities such as warm running waters, 24 hours of power and a/c. On the roof, the café has a great look at the Shwedagon Pagoda.US$30-75.

234-240 (1) Quarter Sule Pagoda Rd, Kyauktada Township (opposite Trader's Hotel, 2-3 blocs behind Sakura Tower), ? +95 9 73135311, +95 9 73135299, Fax: Sule Pagoda Rd, 115-117 May Shan Hotel (formerly Guesthouse), ? +95 1 252986, Fax: Neat, well-kept but small rooms directly in front of the Sule Pagoda, with own generators and pleasant personnel.

The New Aye Yar Hôtel, 170-175 Bo Aung Kyaw St, Botataung Township (two blocs westward and one bloc southward of Sule Pagoda), ? +95 1 256938, Fax: A five minute stroll from the Sule Pagoda and around the beach area, this well situated resort is suitable for businesspass. There is a small but fine dining room on the grounds, the rooms are equipped with Sat-TV and the rooms are central air-conditioned.

The 139094 Pandah Hôtel, 205 Min Ye Kyaw Swa Rd, Lanmadaw Municipality (corner of Wadan Street), ? +95 1 212850, +95 1 229360, fax: Convenient, but featureless, contemporary office on the outskirts of the city centre. You' ll need a cab to get around (easily accessible in front of the hotel).

Provides a great view of the city, especially from the upstairs. 15475 Thamada Hôtel, 5 Alan Pya Phaya (signal pagoda) Rd (opposite the Park Royal and the train station), ? +95 1 243639. Centrally and cleanly, but simply. Yangon's first overseas resort with good value for money.US$25-35.

42 Than Lwin Rd, Bahan Township (corner of Inya Rd), ? +95 1 535205, Fax: Near the Shwedagon Pagoda, a peaceful and peaceful motel preferred by Germans. 951-228260, e-mail: yangon@orient-express.com. One of Yangon's most prestigious neighborhoods is a refurbished trekking villa, formerly a guest house for Kachin State officers.

It has 48 rooms and a beautiful garden. Near the Shwedagon Pagoda, and you can go to the city center easily.US$250-300. D-150168 Inya Lake Accommodation, 37, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd. Located on the shores of Lake Inya, 30 minutes by car from the city centre, according to the amount of people. Donated to Myanmar by Nikita Khrushchev in 1958, this resort has a lot of Soviet flair.

Dagon Township, 158529 Parkroyal Yangon, 33 Alan Pha Phaya Road, Yangon, ? +95 1 250 388, Fax: It is a good 272-room lodge. D-1620510 Kangyavi Palace, Kan Yeik Tha Street (Lakeside), ? +95 1 249 255. 149509311 Savoy Hôtel, 129 Dhammazedi Rd, +95 1 526289, +95 1 526298, +95 1 526305, e-mail: res-savoy@myanmar.com.mm.

Located in an old farmhouse with historical furnishings and decoration, the Savoy is one of the most delightful in Yangon. There is a brief stroll to the Shwedagon Pagoda, a large indoor and outdoor pools and an exquisite dining area. 155511111112 Sedona Hotel, 1 Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd (near Lake Inya). -1434213 Summit Parkview Hotel, 350 Ahlone Rd, ? +95 1 211888, +95 1 211966, Fax:

Directly western of the Shwedagon pit and with outstanding view of this pit. 1584914 Traders Hôtel, 223 Sule pitot. Rd (At the crossroads of Sule pitoda Road and Bogyoke Aung San Rd). Yangon's former high-class boutique city. D-15785515 Yuzana Garden Hôtel, 44, Signal Rd Street, Mingalartaungnyunt Municipality, ? +95 1 248944, Fax:

1343812 Institut Français de Birmanie, 340 Pyay Road (bus stop Maha Myaing). There has been a strong increase in the number of cafés in recent years, and there are a number of cafés in Yangon that offer adequate speeds at affordable prices. Lowest tariff is about 400kyats per hours. The Cyber Cafe II (Sule Pagoda Rd opposite the Traders Hotel).

Tokio Donuts, Anawratha Rd (Between Sule Pagoda Rd and Phayre Street, on the southern side of the street). Yangon is one of the most secure major towns in the word, despite the prevalence of povt. This means, besides the powerful Buddhaist civilization in the people, that Yangon's criminality rates are lower than those of Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Low criminality does not mean there is no criminality, and there have been occasional events with visitors, so it is best to take regular city safety measures, such as preventing solitary areas at nights and being constantly conscious of your belongings. In Yangon, there are many perpetrators of sex work and drugs trade, often in military high-ranking officers' bar.

For a half days sightseeing in Yangon is about US$5-10, while a full days or half days sightseeing in another city like Thanlyin from Yangon is about US$10-15. Yangon's most frequent felony is neglected by a currency exchanger, so be careful counting your Kiev when you change it.

Exercise extra caution with the Sule Paya coin-changers. Near Sule-Shangri La Hotel (formerly a merchant) and Bogyoke Market there are a variety of counterfeit Mönchen. The Yangon can be extremly warm with intensive suntan. Yangon's mains is non-drinkable. All over Yangon there are open channels.

ruthlessly, tell him to drive slower. SOS-Clinic, Inya Lake Hotel Komplex (Tell the cabbie to take you to the Inya Lake Hotel). Bogyoke Aung San Rd, FMI Centre, Pabedan, Yangon (inform the cabbie " FMI Center Bo-joe Len " FMI Centre, next to the Bogyoke Market).

indictments in Kyat. The Golden Bell Pharmacy, NO.006 Yuzana Tower, Shwe Gone Dine (Dites au chauffeur de Yuzana Tower). A 1630616 Australia, 88, Strand Rd (opposite the Strand Hotel). France, 1, 102 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Rd, lies on the edge of the city. D-1626617 Germany, 32, Natmauk Road (north of Kandawgyi Lake). D-1335819 Israel, 15 Kabaung Rd (west of Lake Inya Nearby: bus stop Ta Dar Phyu).

Italy, 3 Inya Myaing Rd. Japan, 100, Natmauk Road (north of Kandawgyi Lake). F 1536320 Singapore, 238 Dharma Zedi St. (east of the Savoy Hotel). The taxi to Yangon International Park costs 7,000 kyats per person with luggage. You may have your hotelmanager take you to the airfield. Pegu (Bago) - an important city with palagodas and convents 60 km from Yangon.

You can book your coach ticket at the number of agencies just outside Yangon trainhof. Marlamyine - A nice coastal town with several sights. Taukkyan is about one hour's car ride (35 km) from the centre of Yangon and the location of the Taukkyan war cemetary. Thanlyin, once an important city in the Irrawaddy Delta and gate to Kyauktan (Syriam), a small Yangon River islet, the site of the fourth cent. year.

Whitehorse - the best reachable city to Yangon, offers a beautiful half or full-time outing. The Yangon city guidebook has the rank of a tourist guidebook.

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