Yangon City Center Map

Map of Yangon City Center

Begin your colonial walk at the Sule Pagoda, the centre of Yangon. A half-day tour takes you beyond the city centre to see a real cross-section of Yangon and observe the colourful urban lifestyle of the locals. Activities in Yangon (Rangoon) . You have to cross the street to take the bus to the city centre. It is still Myanmar's centre for business, politics, religion and cultural heritage.

Top 10 Downtown Yangon (Rangoon) Hotels of 2018 (with prices)

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City of Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

parallel and meridian co-ordinates are: 16.837273, 96.165169. The Yankin is one of the biggest districts of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), about 4 mi utes due to the city center of Yangon. Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) have a parallel of 16.837273 and a parallel of 96.165169. Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is in Myanmar (Burma) in the location class districts with the following location coordinates: 16° 50' 14.1828'' and 96° 9' 54.6084'' E. Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is 32000 metres high, which corresponds to 104.987 ft.

The co-ordinates of Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) are given above in decimals and DMS (degrees, min. and seconds). Specified countrycode is in iso 2-size.

4-Day Yangon and Bagan Tour 3-Night

Explore two former capital cities of Myanmar with stunning scenery and a host of gorgeous panoramas such as Shwedagon and Shwe Sandaw Pagoda. This Best Myanmar trip offers you amazing experiences and memorable recollections of Myanmar! Arrival at Yangon International Airport, welcome by our traveler.

During the trip we will see Lawka Chanthar Arbayar Laba Muni Buddha Image (Kyauktawgyi) and Royal White Elephant Camps. Checking in to Yangon and Yangon sight -seeing; visiting the Chaukhtatgyi (Lying Buddha) Pagoda, a giant lying Buddha, the Karaweik Hall Royal Barque at Royal lake for a photostop, Yangon city centre with Sule Pagoda in the city centre and Yangon city centre with the world renowned Shwedagon Pagoda and Yangon's city centre with the Pagoda.

Accommodation in Yangon. In the early hours of the day you will be transferred to the airfield and flown to Bagan. Sights include the colourful Nyaung U market, the Shwezigon Pagoda and its splendid gold stupa, the Htilominlo temple, famous for its delicate gypsum woodcarvings and sandstone decorations, the Gubyaukgyi temple with splendid murals of Yataka szenes.

Visiting Myinkaba Village you will see the traditional lacquerware industry, one of Myanmar's most famous arts and crafts. This is an architectonic work of the early Buddha temples with four impressing paintings of Buddha stood. The highest one in Bagan, Thabinnyu Tempel, Dhammayangyi Tempel known for its outstanding masonry. You can enjoy the sundown from the top deck of the Shwesandaw Pagoda.

Accommodation in Bagan. Following breakfasts at the Mt Popa resort, the early source of might for the mystic nature kingdom. Returns to Bagan and returns to Yangon by night plane. Accommodation in Yangon. In the mornings after breakfasts at the hotels, Treasure, Gems and Handicrafts.

Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Markt, where you can buy many gifts. Then you will be transferred to the Aiport.

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