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Lovers of nature will appreciate the breathtaking lakes, shady parks and green tropical trees of the city. Those are the reasons why it is called the "Garden City of the East". The Yangon Metropolitan Area, also known as Greater Yangon, is Myanmar's largest trading centre and home to the country's former capital, Yangon City. City-wide water consumption is estimated by statistical calculations. Receive great offers for hotels in the Yangon region, mm.

Yangon City Guide - Yangon - Yangon Neighborhoods

The Yangon is organized into four neighborhoods, each of which is designated by one of the four points of the compass. Every county is further broken down into several cities. A lot of urban areas are untapped and do not have essential community amenities such as flowing waters, power and waste collection. Remarkable exemptions are the Botataung, Kyauktada, Dagon and Bahanownships.

The latter, with the sole exemption of Botataung, are all in the Western District of Yangon. Although some smaller companies have no premises in housing areas, most of them are in downtown Yangon, also known as Yangon Central Business District, which also comprises the Botataung and Kyauktada districts. The Botataung Township is situated in the Eastern District of Yangon.

In the south-east part of the city centre, which is more commercially viable than the areas in the west. The Botataung Township has caught the interest of many emigrants due to its vicinity to the city centre, the low volume of transport and the near 1950th Street Bar. Sights in the neighbourhood are the Botataung Pagoda of the same name, which allegedly houses one of Buddha's hair; the ministerial building, a wonderfully dilapidated settlement and the site of the murder of General Aung San; and St. Mary's Cathedral, Myanmar's biggest ark.

It would be nice to see the promenade of the Yangon River here if it weren't for the obstructionist dock. As we move westwards, we meet Kyauktada Township, the centre of Yangon city centre. The Kyauktada is home to a number of historical and state buildings, among them the Sule Pagoda (famous for its part in the revolution), the City Hall and the Supreme Court.

Kyauktada is also home to many of the best Yangon hostels and several overseas missions. This area is Yangon's largest tourism landmark, so be prepared accordingly. The municipality of Dagon lies just in the North of Kyauktada. It is a little calmer than its south neighbour and less built-up.

As expatriates and Myanmar pros try to get out of the busy city centre, the four cities in Dagon North, South, East and Seikkan are becoming more and more crowded. With more and more crowds moving to Dagon, city authorities have pledged further improvement of the streets and other infrastructures. Although there is tree growth in this neighbourhood in places other than sidewalks, transport during peak hours is a dream and the traders will try to offer you their own hands (for a specific rebate, of course).

But these little obstacles are lovable for the Yangonites and best seen as part of the taste of the area..... Because most of the new apartments contain car parks and the streets are broader, there is not nearly as much light as in the city centre. Dagon's main tourist sites are the Shwedagon Pagoda, the National Museum and the Parliament.

However, as this sector is becoming increasingly attractive, a sharp increase in price and consumption is to be expected, especially for newbuilds. The Bahan Township is a prosperous area in the northern centre of Yangon. Away from the hubbub of the city centre, Bahan is home to two of Yangon's most prestigious neighbourhoods:

The area is a favourite destination for expatriates, especially those who have the opportunity to experience the luxuries of large chalets. Situated in the immediate vicinity of the historical home of Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the political party, and many messages. In comparison to other parts of the city, it is much more inconvenient to find a taxi in these area.

Not surprisingly, most of Yangon's stores, nightclubs and nightclubs are in or near Bahan. The Bogyoke Aung San Museum and the wonderful Inya Lake are among the sights.

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