Yangon Central Railway Station

Central Yangon Station

It will take eight years to construct Yangon station Approximately $2.5 billion and a eight-year turnaround, the Yangon Central Railway Station is costing an enormous amount of money and capital. DAS $2.5 billion station in Yangon, which is to be Myanmar's biggest National League for Democracy-led JVI, will take eight years to finish building, which also requires the creation of 100,000 workstations.

For the redevelopment of the 25th district, the Central Transport Development consortium (CTDC) was named preferential tenderer. Situated 7 acres around Yangon Central Railway Station in downtown Myanmar's trading capitol. A further syndicate of Yoma Strategic Holdings from Singapore and First Myanmar Investment from Myanmar also submitted an invitation to bid.

This was first made by a member of the syndicate, Singapore quoted Oxley Holdings Ltd, whose executive committee on February 14 informed that the syndicate, which includes Min Dharma Co and Great Wall Co, was chosen by Myanma Railways to implement the venture. The Min Dhama Co has a 40 per cent stake and Oxley Holdings and in each case Oxley and Great Wall Company have a 30 per cent stake.

Mottama Holdings Ltd is one of 23 subsidiaries of Mottama Holdings Ltd held by U Yang Ho. OXLY Holdings is quoted in Singapore, while the headquarters of the company are in Beijing. The Oxley Executive Committee added that the joint venture will include a new central transportation node integrating railway and urbanization.

The station will probably be Myanmar's biggest National League for Democracy-led National League for Democracy JV investments to date, raising an approximate $2.5 billion in investments at the crossroads between Yangon city center and Aung San Stadium. According to the syndicate, the plan will generate 100,000 employment opportunities for regional builders.

"Inspired by the CTDC motto'Our Future, Our Yangon', the Yangon Central Railways Station Area Comprehensive Access Project will be Myanmar's first TOD (transit-oriented development) that will take housing, commercial and recreational assets within easy walk of a megacity. It is a trend that marks general conveniences and landscaping areas in the centre of the town for the recreation and pleasure of tourists and Yangonites," the Consorzio said in a news release today.

She added that the junction will link legacy and contemporary evolution by maintaining the historical headquarters of the old station from 1954 and connecting it with a new futurist station above the rails. Like other new builds in the town, it fits into a modernized, future-oriented Yangon.

The mixed-use complex, with a total area of 1.09 million m², will comprise six different areas, including a high-quality industrial estate, offices, condominium flats, bus and coach houses, as well as a landscaped gardens and a railway muse. Mottama Holdings Ltd Chairman U Yang Ho said the Mottama Holdings Ltd will build a new large center for Yangon that will enrich the city's range of amenities and tourist sites.

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