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Yangon's fine card payment system service provider has been selected. The new BRT drivers pose with new buses at the start of the new bus line. The Yangon authorities have not yet announced a starting date for a new bus payout despite a bid invitation.

Yangon's fine cards system service company was retained. Initially, the state administration wanted to take up the new service by February. However, four month after the envisaged launch date, the public administrations have not set a date for the introduction of non-cash paymentservices. Yangon's local authority has appointed Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co (Asia Starmar) as service company for Yangon Pay Service (YPS) for the city's bus system, the so-called Yangon Bus Service (YBS).

On January 10, the Myanmar provincial goverment initially chose Excel KC Myanmar as its service company for non-cash payments. Following review and meetings with a group of 14 applicants, the Tender Supervisory Committee has chosen AnyPay Payments Services Co., Asia Stamar Transport Intelligent Co. and Excel KC Myanmar as the three prospective nominees for the work.

Nevertheless, the agencies have chosen to remove the choice due to changes within Excel KC. In April, the goverment said that Excel KC was no longer suitable for setting up and implementing a payment system for cards for public transportation. The Myanmar KC Excel is no longer qualified because the Acer Company, which assisted in raising funds for investments and contributing technology know-how to the implementation of YPS, withdrew from the Excel KC Myanmar group.

One of Excel KC Myanmar's strong points is its partner, Acer among them, which has contributed both international investment and new technology to help establish a skilled YPS system. Therefore, the public administrations have ruled that Excel KC does not have the necessary skills to introduce the non-cash system and that the company's winning bid has been withdrawn for the scheme.

On 13 June, two additional weeks after the rejection, the Asian Starmar Transport Intelligent Co. was named the winning company. It and YBS will conclude a agreement to run the payments system and then set out the timetable for the implementation of the service, Daw Yi Yi Khin, Asia Starmar's CFO, tells the Myanmar Times.

Mr. Daw Yi Yi Yi Khin added that her company is commited to creating a system of payments that meets the needs of the consumer, i.e. the passenger. Well-established in the field of technological service operations, Asia Starmar has over 15 years of expertise. In August last year, the state administration launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) invitation to the YPS-Invitation.

As part of the new system, the German authorities superseded all bus lines in all the coaches. With the introduction of the new pre-paid calling system, the German federal administration wants to resolve these issues. U Phyo Min Thein says the pre-paid credit can also be used in train services, taxi services, restaurants as well as grocery stores by calling the ATM.

We are hoping to be able to start the service in February, but we cannot say exactly when. We can' t say definitively that the map can be used by other transport carriers and supermarkets," said U Maung Aung, Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) Sec. Whilst the non-cash payments system is widespread in many nations today, it is an innovative system in Myanmar.

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