Yangon Burma Tourism

Burma Yangon Tourism

Take your free hike in Yangon and discover its culture, incredible sites, stories and legends with entertaining and passionate local guides. Burma is another name for Myanmar, its capital is Yangon, also known as Rangoon. Htay W., a private tour guide in Yangon. It is the capital, the gateway to Myanmar (Burma) by air and sea.

Myanmar's capital Yangon is one of the main gates to Myanmar.

Myanmar Yangon | Myanmar Tour - 2018/19

Yangon, also known as Yangon, is the biggest town in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Burma's capitol until the end of 2005, Yangon is the Yangon region's capitol and is the principal gate to the nation on a Myanmar trip. The Yangon has the greatest number of colorful building in Southeast Asia. In the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, under Britain's domination, schools, hospitals, advanced facilities and infrastructures were built that made Yangon Burma's trading area.

Yangon finally gained its sovereignty in 1948 and is still a union of English, Myanmar, Chinese as well as Hindi alliances. And Yangon is known for the sparkling Shwedagon Pagoda. Dominating the Yangon ski area, this striking buddhistic symbol is visible from afar as it reaches 326 ft on Theingottara Hill.

The over 2600 year old Shwedagon is the oldest historic pit in the game. Shwedagon is the greatest Buddhist icon in Myanmar, although it has to be reconstructed several occasions, even after a devastating 1800 st. eruption. During a Myanmar holiday, Yangon also has other places of interest, as well as culture, religion, culture, museum, parks as well as seas.

The tourist sector is only beginning to thrive now that the recent improvement in the country's policy environment has drawn both tourist and business people. Though not as nostalgic and contemporary as other South East Asia towns, Yangon could soon become an important target in Asia due to its charms and great upside. In this sense we have put together an easily navigable section of information about Myanmar for you.

Find out more about Myanmar's heritage and heritage, eating and drinking, and what to pack in your bag. Myanmar is the only way to find out more is to go on the trip and discover Myanmar for yourself. Begin your exploration trip.... today you can still reserve one of our Myanmar-trips! You should take your free moment to explore other places after your Myanmar trip.

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