Yangon Burma Tourism

Burma Yangon Tourism

The Yangon by Night Burmese Market Tour with Street Food Sampling. After half a century of hibernation, Burma is proving to be the most exciting destination in Asia. Myanmar cultural tour, Yangon and Mandalay. Myanmar Tour Operator: Who offers what? The former Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is one of the most important historical buildings in Yangon's downtown area.

Eating in Yangon

Try the meal. Get to know the local civilization. We' re the first Yangon based nutrition group. In Myanmar we enjoy the local cuisine, the local cultures and the local population. Join our world-famous dining trips and enjoy Myanmar through flavour and interactions with its population. Our meals are served at breakfasts, lunches and dinners, along with guided visits to the town.

So, if you travel around Myanmar for a long or long period of the year, we have a wide range of opportunities to do. Cities, gastronomy and cultural events are awaiting you! With TripAdvisor, we are the first Yangon (Rangoon) based Yangon based Nutrition Tour Co. to offer the most genuine Yangon cuisine and one of the best trips in Myanmar for over 5 years.

The Foodie Tours are genuine Myanmar cuisine, ranging from Burma cuisine to the streets. Your healthcare is invaluable, however, so you should study some tasty regional foods so that you can take them with you when you travel around town for the remainder of your stay.

On our Lunch of Yangon sightseeing tours you will have the opportunity to discover the town and its cultural life while you eat the typical meals you will like. 11:30 am, we begin this tasty journey with a visit to a regional grocery store where you can sample meals like samosa.

You' ll be continuing your trip to explore the area' s rich es of eating one stop at a time. You' re gonna eat salad, pasta and Myanmar curry. At the end of the trip you will see the Bogyoke Aung San Markt tourism fair and some delicious sweets to try.

All the best in Myanmar and we hope to see you again on one of our itineraries. Meals included in the price. It is a tasteful trip as it offers a large selection of dishes that you will find all over Myanmar! First, at 6 pm from our rendezvous point, we have the opportunity to go on foot in the small road of the eating stands, you will discover many different types of foods from our hand-picked sites.

Proceed with the journey and we will try the samosa lettuce, an aperitif that will be difficult to overlook, one of the most recommend road meals in Myanmar, available in two different shapes - broth or sour. We then drive to a favourite teahouse where you can savour one of the best pasta meals with a mug of Myanmaree.

Then we take a rest on the overpass to take in the views of Yangon city centre and give you the opportunity to take some photos and let the meal be digested. The next stop is big Myanmar curry, where you can taste delicious dark beans, renowned Myanmar salad and vegetables.

The trip ends with a delicious desert. You' ll be able to taste at least 10 different kinds of dishes and treats and we are hoping you will have the best of Burma's cuisines. Meals included in the price. Have a new one in Yangon by having your breakfasts with us. 8:30 am, your travel leader welcomes you and gives you a short overview of the itinerary.

Let's awake for the morning with napya (local bread) and teas, either sugary or sour, however you like it in the neighborhood's favourite teahouse. The next step is to enjoy a meal of pasta and other delicious meals. Mote-Hin-Kha is one of them, a basic food of all Myanmarers!

There are many things you need to make this tasty little pasta broth. It is a nationwide speciality and tastes can differ from place to place as each of Myanmar's regions can have its own unique flavor. You' ll also have the opportunity to eat and drink fruits at the fair and savour the town in its most pulsating years.

Meals included in the price. For travellers in Asia, eating is one of the most pleasant activities and no exeption for Myanmar. Eating on the streets of Myanmar is a fast meal for local people, but also a way to hang out with your loved ones and chat.

Do you know where to find the best Yangon home-cooked cuisine? Let us take you on a hike through the city centre of Yangon with our experienced and kind guides. First, at 16.00 at our rendezvous point, we will stroll through small alleys full of grocers, you will discover many different types of foods from our hand-picked places.

On the way we will have a special road meal with India influences, a meal that can be used as an appetiser to satisfy our appetite before going to a nearby teahouse to taste a basin of pasta that has helped the variety of countless indigenous people. This is also a must while you are in Myanmar.

The last stop along the Yangon St. meal is a Burmese desert place. Let's go to Yangon St. Diet to try at least 8 different kinds of snack and hopefully you will find a great way to complement your Yangon cuisine. Meals included in the price.

There are many social business opportunities in Yangon that are creating employment and empowering the Myanmar population. We' ve put together this particular trip for you for many of them in one single days. You' ll enjoy tasty coffees, tasty biscuits and traditional food while supporting a good cause.

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