Yangon Burma Tourism

Burma Yangon Tourism

Take your free hike in Yangon and discover its culture, incredible sites, stories and legends with entertaining and passionate local guides. Burma is another name for Myanmar, its capital is Yangon, also known as Rangoon. Htay W., a private tour guide in Yangon. It is the capital, the gateway to Myanmar (Burma) by air and sea.

Myanmar's capital Yangon is one of the main gates to Myanmar.

Myanmar Tour with Stray Asia

This pagoda pass opens the door to Myanmar's unseen underworld. Discover this pristine land and its abundant habitat on a 10-day tour from Yangon to Mandalay. Immerse yourself in a fascinating temple environment, old Buddha story and pulsating rural lifestyle. Walk to the mountain tribal area of Kalaw and slide onto Inle Lake to learn the everyday rites of living on the seas.

Leave the well-trodden paths and see more and do more than the ordinary visitor. Yangon: Yangon: Soak up Myanmar's historic capital Bagan, where over 2000 sanctuaries are inscribed. 2-Days-Trek: Hiking in the mountain and accommodation in an genuine mountain town. 2-Days-Trek: Walk through colourful wildflowersfields.

Trademark " 2-day trekking: Your tour leader will draw your attention to the diversity of local flora and fauna while you walk in the Shan Hills. lnle lake: Ride a long row through Inle' s Lake, learning the old-fashioned way of fishing and visiting a swimming farming, a lotuses making center and a stilted monastery....

lnle lake: lnle lake: Look how people live their lives on the lakes. Accomodation is not in the passport. The guide can arrange for you to stay in one of the luxurious middle-class houses and affordable pay-as-you-go based establishments (prices from $15-35 USD). "I have always had Myanmar on my shortlist of places I really wanted to go.

Since tourism is relatively new, I was not sure how simple it would be to go on an individual basis, so I decided to go on a trip. Since I travelled to Myanmar in the low seasons, the trips only ran as led trips (without the possibility to get off), but the route leaves enough space at each place to discover and see all the highpoints.

There was a stray animal leader who travelled with us all the way, gave information and arranged transportation and lodging for us, as well as a souvenir tour leader at the bus stop, who showed us around and gave us a great deal of detailed information. It was a great opportunity to ask a few simple question and learn a great deal about Myanmar and the way of living in the country.

The transport was very convenient and the chosen accomodation was good. Burma is a really interesting and intriguing place and Stray really does cover all the attractions you want to see. Hello and welcome to Myanmar, the biggest continent in Southeast Asia.

Once in the busy town of Yangon, get ready for a fascinating blend of UK settlement and neighboring Indian flavours that will set Myanmar apart from other South East Asia destinations. Before you meet your tour guide in the early evenings, take some free and easy access to these multi-cultural market and vibrant streets.

This evening you will be meeting your'travel companions' at 6pm at the Royal 74 Hotel in the foyer to get ready for the upcoming trip before setting off for the 19 th Streets to try a delicious Myanmar road meal, which will be served with a cool Myanmar ale at one of the many beloved beers.

At 8:00 a.m., you and your tour leader will be in the Royal 74 Hotel foyer to explore the Yangon inner cities attractions on walking tour with a guided tour leader. You will see the splendid Shwedagon Lagoda, the most holy Buddhist Lagoda in Myanmar, whose gold tower towers dominate the town' s Skyline, and the glistening Sule Lagoda, the most holy street isle in the canon.

An itinerary of some of the most famous monasteries will be highlighted and tales of their fascinating past and present will be told, all before noon! Take a break in the guest house or stop at a nearby pub where you will usually find a native who is willing to practise English.

The city is divided into'Old Bagan' (where you will stay overnight) and'New Bagan', about 15 km apart, and you may find it enjoyable to cycle between the two, as well as to see some of the monasteries and shrines that you have not seen on your guidewalk. Observe how the landscape changes drastically from your windows as we journey from the open plain to the scenic Shan Plateau and scenic Kalaw city.

The Burmese have a very different ethnical impact as a city of the shans and feels more like neighboring China, Laos and Thailand. Some of the best ways to tell the truth is through the refreshing and tasty local food that you will try for the first time this night after you stretch your feet to get to know this enchanting area.

Enjoy the original environment of Kalaw as we begin our hike into the foothills of the River Sabbiador. You will be given an insight into the local ethnical groups and you will be shown some of the many indigenous species of plants and animals along the way. Upon your arriving in the town, you can prepare some local food for dinner with the help of your guides and family.

The way you spent the afternoons will depend on the seasons, the seasons and the work of the village people on the days of your visits. If you are unable or uninterested to participate in the hike, you will stay an extra overnight in Kalaw (where there is much to discover) and the next morning take the Inle Lake rail to see the hikers in Nyuang Shwe.

You will be accompanied by your tour leader who will inform you of the tour detail while a native tour leader will take the hikers. There is nothing better embodied in country living than to start the morning early and enjoy a hearty meal with your host. On the way to Inle your tour leader illuminates the intriguing countryside and the way of living of the population.

After a short cruise on the lakeshore you will reach Nyuang Shwe, a small lakefront settlement that provides the primary entrance to the beloved attraction of lakeshore Inle. You will enjoy raising your legs after two warm treks, relaxing and thinking about the last two nights with the Shan people.

The Nyuang Shwe offer an exquisite selection of interesting food choices, so wonder about the roads and indulge in a delicious dinner with Shan, Nepali, Chinese, Indian as well as Myanmar cuisines. We will jump on our Long Taxi to ride through the high reed of the top of the lake deltas.

Get the most out of this half-day trip that takes you to swimming ranches supported by remnants of trees, a woven lotsus center and maybe even a swimming stilted cloister. It is a conservation area, so look out for a wide range of avifauna. You will also be taught how to catch the Intha and try your hand at fishing one or two of them.

You can taste the local food in a lakefront café for dinner. Cruise ends in the afternoons, leaving you free for an option to pay a trip to the Red Mountaininery. A last view over the calm Inle-See, before you get on the coach to Mandalay. It will be lunchtime in the evening near the guest house to get your bearings in this unbelievable center of Burma's cultural life and watch the sun set over the hills of Sagaing.

Begin your free days with a sightseeing excursion in the mornings showing the Mandalay area. When your sightseeing is over, this also means the end of your Stray-Ride. When you have more Mandalay your guide has many suggestions and can help you organize trips to Mingun, Amarapura, Sagaing Hill or to get your ticket for the Moustache Brothers show.

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