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Who knew Burma had its own vineyards? Activities in Yangon. andalay vs. yangon - which city do you like better?!

Activities in Yangon

I would like to talk about this part in advance before I get to the things I have to do in Yangon: To put it briefly, I have no replies. Yangon secure? I felt that Yangon was secure. Well, as this was said, I remained in a five-star motel and was escorted by a guide and had myself picked up and dropped off from my aiport.

Later when I was telling this to one of my travel leaders, they confessed that they had never even seen a Kachin. "I haven't really walked around unescorted, except for a day out to Bogyoke Market and another day out to um, a fashionable, glittering downtown commercial center connected to my motel.

When you wonder where to sleep in Yangon, I spent three days at Pan Pacific Yangon and love it. It is also directly across from Bogyoke Market, which makes it ideal for buying. If that'?s your way, I suggest you stick around. Booking the Pan Pacific Yangon.

St. Mary's Cathedral in Yangon. At the end of the trip we had a colonial-style drinks at Hoteldown Beach on the riverbank, which was perfec. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful Yangon hostels and should definitely be added to your Yangon activities schedule. Briefly said, this was a wonderful thorough Yangon trip.

I had a lot of fun and interesting experiences with my guides and drivers, and above all, they were very effective and gave me food and water all and sundry. Usually I confine myself to four-hour trips, but since I didn't have much in Yangon, I wanted to see as much as possible. Afterwards, if I had another full days, I would have asked to split this trip in half and do 3 to 4 lessons on one of the days and 3 to 4 lessons the next one.

Briefly, I strongly suggest this trip. Booking this trip. Since I did so much on my first full moon in the city, I laid back and fell asleep the second night, went to the fitness studio, went to the Junction City Major, went to the Bogyoke Market to shop on a payback and generally had a more relaxing breakfast before I met my Urban Adventures Guides for an dinner in Yangon.

On this trip there were three major stations: From the grocery store next to the Independence Monument to the pedestrian zone down by the riverbank and Chinatown's 20th Street. On Independence Monument we tried a crunchy, crepe-like loaf of bred, which was great, and then on the riverbank my leader let me pick what was great.

But perhaps doubtful that my leader hadn't checked some states before. There were some great looking roasted watkey balls that were seriously one of the best things I had in Myanmar. It was a concise road trip and quite brief compared to other trips I've been on.

Booking this trip. That was an outstanding, superb textile business in Bogyoke Music. While you' re across the Pan Pacific from the door. It' very small, but if you're already on the fair, it's definitely something for you. It was a really fortunate one, because I chose it by chance after Google'ing "Books about Burma".

Well, I strongly commend it. It is an entertaining and interesting fictionalised report on the case of the Burmese empire up to the First and Second World Wars. It' s been great to combine the points between the things my guide was telling me and what I learnt from the novel. I probably have more than just a few words after a weeks in Myanmar, but in a nutshell, I REALLY liked Yangon.

There' s a lot more to do in Yangon and I can't wait to get back.

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