Yangon Burma Map

Burma Yangon Map

Card of Twante, Yangon, Burma. Cross-country trips between Burma and Thailand. Stay-in-the Heart of Yangon - Excellent location - Show map. View other cities in Burma. The Yangon Burma Map is the map detector.

South Okkalapa Map, Yangon, Burma

are latitude and latitude coordinates: 16.847343, 96.178970. North Okkalapa is the east of Yangon, Burma. Situated 39 leagues from the town centre, it comprises 13 towns. Founded in the mid-20th c., it is now one of the most progressive housing areas in the state.

South Okkalapa, Yangon, Burma is 16.847343, and the meridian is 96.178970. North Okkalapa, Yangon, Burma is in Myanmar (Burma) land in the district place class with the Global Positioning System co-ordinates 16 50' 50.4348'' North and 96° 10' 44.2920'' E. South Okkalapa, Yangon, Burma is 9 metres high, which corresponds to 30 ft.

The coordinates of South Okkalapa, Yangon, Burma are given above in fractional degree and DMS (degrees, min. and seconds). Specified countrycode is in iso 2-size.

Myanmar & Yangon (Burma) Odyssey Map

There is a map of Yangon on one side, showing the location of a number of restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums, cedars, etc. At the back is a map of Burma at 1:2,150,000. Icons mark important historic or landscape sights, protected areas and natural areas, as well as important borders and airfields.

There is no index on the map or on the map. Just like the map of Yangon, the map is encircled by information and photographs.

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