Yangon Burma


Would you like to experience the Yangon region like a local? Great statues in Volkspark Yangon / Beautiful sculptures in Volkspark in Yangon. The British Embassy in Burma maintains and develops relations between the United Kingdom and Burma. Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is one of Asia's most charming cities. Explore Kamayut, Yangon, Burma with the help of your friends.

About Yangon, Burma -

It is the business centre of the state and the biggest town with 6 million inhabitants. It still has some of the most imposing old colonial Britain in Southeast Asia, along with large gardens and ponds. It is probably the most varied town in Myanmar, which is often mirrored in its places of cult.

It was the capitol until 2008, before it was superseded by the rather inconspicuous Nay Pyi Taw, which has to compete with Canberra and Brasilia as one of the most dull cities! A" must" would be the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda (see picture below), one of the most amazing places of worship in the whole wide globe.

The smaller Sule Pagoda, which is situated in the centre of the city, is also an impress. It is the most beloved (and expensive) period from November to March. From April to June are the hottest, driest seasons. At the beginning of April 2016 DK & MH from Chic took their boy on a trip through Burma. It is 20 min from the international airports and 20 min from the city centre, directly on Lake Kandawagi.

Several of the rooms have an outstanding view of the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is only 10 min by car away. Night from £68 per night in April/October, £88 November to March. Situated in a peaceful area of the town, only 10 min by car from the town centre. It is 30 min by car from the international airports.

Night price from 88 per night per capita April/October, £108 November to March. Situated in the embassy quarter, 10 min from the city centre and 30 min from the international airports. Prices per night from 108 per capita from April to October, 158 November to March. We' re closing at The Strand, which competes with The Governor's Residence as the city's most notorious name. It's due for refurbishment from May to October 2016.

Rates are all per capita in twin room (entry level), starting from trips between May and/or June when rates are usually low and includes promotions. For Sri Lanka and the Far East we show a guidebook per guest and per overnight stay, without airfare, as the packages are usually individual.

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