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Burma's biggest building exhibition! The Yangon Convention Centre (YCC), Yangon. The Development Committee (YCDC) reviews high-rise projects throughout the year. Guide", official brochure of the Strand Hotel, Yangon. and in Yangon (Rangoon) - Manual Accountant.

Burmese Construction Manual

Builder's Guides for Yangon (15,000 copies) and Mandalay (10,000 copies) have been available in print since 2012 and offer a comprehensive industry supplier base with advice and advice for everyone in the construction world. These on-line construction guides provide invaluable information on the construction industry throughout Myanmar.

Builders' Guide is a product of MMRD, a Myanmar-based enterprise that has been working for Myanmar's businesses since 1992. The MMRD is a group of organizations, which includes the Publications Division, which is responsible for the Yangon Directory and Mandalay Directory. More information about MMRD and its related product and support offerings can be found at www.mmrdpub.com.


Myanmar 2018: The Myanmar 2018 and 2018 Buildings Materials Myanmar will be the most comprehensive build and engineering conference in Myanmar bringing together an inter-national gathering of builders, constructors, developers, builders, architecture and also the support community in Yangon to present the latest trends in the builders' world.

Myanmar's building sector gained in value in the reporting timeframe (2007-2011) with an average combined average economic return (CAGR) of 11.48%. Supporting this increase was the country's growing policy stableness, the growing number of investments in power and government infrastructures and the fast flow of FDI from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Building sector expansion is projected to continue strongly over the forecasting horizon, fuelled by increased spending by the Myanmar authorities to improve Myanmar's municipal infrastructures and the growing interest of national and international property development companies in building homes to cover the population's enormous needs for shelter. In 2011, Myanmar's building and home improvement stores together accounted for 77.3% of the overall value of the Myanmar building sector, and the contributions of these two stores to the overall expansion of the Myanmar building sector will be significant over the forecasting time.

The building sector is expected to gain in value over the forecasting horizon with a return on investment of 7.84%. Timetric's Timetric publication "Construction in Myanmar - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2016" reports that the economic building sector registered a record of 8.09% in the reporting year. The main drivers of this expansion were recreational, catering and offi ce properties, which together represented 67.2% of the 2011 fair value of non-residential properties.

Since the Southeast Asian Games 2013 (SEA Games) and the Asia Summit 2014 in Myanmar, there has been an increase in call for hotels and properties in towns such as Yangon to prepare for the expected inflow of overseas investment and vacation. It is Timetric's assumption that the economic building sector will record a confidence level of 8.01% over the forecasting time.

During the forecasting horizon, the tourist industry will make a significant economic impact on Myanmar's development.

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