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The Yangon magistrate blamed the reporter for violating the Official Secretary Act, which provides for a 14-year jail sentence. Burma is alleged to have raided Rakhine state, forcing 700,000 refugees, which, according to the UN, is tantamount to "ethnic cleansing". On Wednesday, a court dismissed a motion to dismiss two Reuters journalists arrested in Myanmar for holding classified paper.

The Myanmar military police participated in a September slaughter of 10 Rohingya, the military chief's bureau said, as it first acknowledged that abuse was committed during a repression that caused a massive explosion of the Islamic population.

I' m feeling trapped: Force fosters Muslim anxiety in Myanmar

The Yangon - Rohingya in Yangon says the Myanmar administration is progressively connecting members of the Islamic minorities across the nation with a so-called terrorism scare. ROHRINGYA in Yangon describes a feeling of increasing pursuit and hate. You say that neighbors and buddhists are ready to openly sympathize with the devastation of Rohingya communities in Rakhine state.

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya have been sent to Bangladesh to carry out murderous post-Rohingya militants in August. In Yangon, Rohingya say that the regime and the press have exaggerated their assertion that they are not ordinary people, but "illegal Bengali invaders". Stay up to date by signing up for our free email newsletters.

Yangon Fire Casings Luxurious Hotels

There is a great fire torn through a luxurious resort in Myanmar's largest town Yangon. On Thursday at about 3 am the fire erupted at the Kandawgyi Palace which is a seaside resort and a symbol of the town. A fire erupted around 3 a.m. and devastated the top floor of the building.

It took several hrs until the firemen had extinguished the fires. Photographs and videos on public service showed how the fire swept through the house and the fumes rose from the five-star motel a few hour after dawn. So horrible message that fire will ruin Yangon's Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kangon Yangon Kangon Kandawgyi Kandaw Kandaw Kandawang Yang Yang Yang Yang Kandaw Kandaw Kandawang Yang Kand Yang Yang Yang Kand Kand Kang Yang Yang Kand Kand Kang Yang Kand Kand Kand Kand Kang Kang Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand My My My My My My My Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw

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