Yangon Beach Myanmar

Myanmar Yangon Beach

It is the most famous beach and a popular destination in Myanmar. Coming from Yangon, take a two-hour flight to Kawthaung. South of Ngapali Beach and near Yangon, the untouched and quiet Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach) is the new destination for visitors. The Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the most beautiful and longest unspoilt beaches in Southeast Asia and lies on the Bay of Bengal, which stretches from Myanmar to India. From Yangon to Chaung Thar by car.

Myanmar Chaung Tha Beach (Burma)

I have seen a lot of Myanmar's countryside from the hills, into the towns, along the streams, through the countryside last months. There is one area, however, that I have never seen before: the shore. It' not a big suprise that Myanmar has sands. It' not what you normally think of when you think of Myanmar.

By the way, the nearest one to Yangon (and the simplest to reach) is Chaung Tha. However, just because it is the simplest to reach does not mean that it is a convenient trip. Things are not meant for overseas visitors like most trips in Myanmar. Yangon's only coach departs at six in the mornings. I'm sorry I didn't make it.

This was another coach to a city named Pathein and then an extreme inconvenient ride on a postwar Japan coach that was clearly made for post-war Japan. This means that the masses of tourists are thin - so thin that it is almost impossible to see it.

Along the sands, in the shoals of the waves, in the shadow of the lawn, lie Myanmar's faces. As every year at this season, there is hardly a cloudy skies in Myanmar. Sellers on the beaches ensure even more refreshments. In spite of all the near-poorness I' ve seen in the countryside, there must be some rich Myanmar residents who can take the families to Chaung Tha for a whole sabbatical.

I' m trying not to think too much about it, because it would probably result in a train of thought with wealthy and dirty soldiers.... and that's not what it should be about on the dinghi! It may not be the gold sand of some of Southeast Asia's beautiful sandy shores.

It' much calmer than many of those I've been to, and that' s fresh. Like many other places I've seen in the last few months, I wonder how long things will stay serene.

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