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For Golden Beach Myanmar Hotel Hotel Hotel see reviews, photos and view on the map. The Bayview Beach Resort is a four-star boutique hotel on idyllic Ngapali Beach. American Ngapali Beach Resort, stretches along the coast of Ngapali Beach Myanmar. Devoted to offering only the best in Yangon. The Silver Beach Hotel has all modern facilities and amenities to offer its guests relaxation and pleasure with impeccable hospitality.

Saung Beach, Myanmar; long, calm beach 5 hrs from Yangon by car.

The Ngwe Saung is one of three large beach resorts in Myanmar, where each beach has its own area. The Ngwe Saung is one of two less expensive places to go by road from Yangon, with the main square being Burma mid- and upper-class family. It is the calmer of the two Yangon markets, and in recent years numerous local people from the West, mainly from North Europe and the UK, have come to visit.

Myanmar's largest beach resort, Ngapali, is better known to overseas tourists, but this will require a one-hour trip from Yangon, discouraging the people. So Ngapali is above all a seaside resort with many other bathing places of internationally standards. Yangon's most people in Burma choose to invite kids and buddies in a car and only charge for the 5-hour ride to the numerous beach bungalow and family-friendly hotels along the Ngwe Saung coastline.

View the accommodations in an outline of hotels and resort on Ngwe Saung beach. The quiet surroundings of Ngwe Saung are due to the length of its beach and the small number of rooms along eight kilometers of sandy beach - not to the concrete plan to make it a quiet place or to leave it that way.

Seeing motorbikes using the beach as a municipal motorway quickly goes beyond any idea of what the environment or any other plans might be. However, with the transformation that is hitting Ngwe Saung with unparalleled pace and the commitment of the people of Burma to promote the world' s tourist industries, we are expecting many changes to this beach in the oncoming years.

The Ngwe Saung has bags full of activities in which young people from Burma gather in the sea and on the sands. The most important of them is the small point where we find the twins on the beach - at the southern end in front of the Silver View Resort. Ngwe Saung visitors come to be photographed in front of the famed couple of couples of pagodas.

Sandhals, which links the southern end of the beach with Lovers' Iceland, is another small hot spot for activities, as here visitors make their way to the islands and hire a boat for tours. Right behind it was a gigantic new venue especially constructed for the athlete of these matches, the Ngwe Saung Sailing Club & Marina.

It was hoped that this new beach property would become a focal point for Myanmar's yachting after the matches and would help to bring this relatively new form of sports to community outreach. It is also hoped that the place will draw international guests who want to go on a beach cat or dinghy outing. At the last point where we find a large number of beach goers, together with beach hoses and beach toy rental, lies in the far northern part, near the town.

Only a few of Ngwe Saung's rental ponies - among them an eye-catching but fake'Zebra' - are hanging around here looking for clients as well ý sandy, flooded, shady and other beach utensils in Ngwe Saung..... At Ngwe Saung Beach the sands are quite thin and mostly pale gray. Gray comes from the minute particulates of dark and dark rocks (shown in the close-up picture in the gallery) that accompany the regional area.

Saung's gray sands resemble Chaung Tha's, about 15 kilometers off the shore. It' especially interesting to see that the tip of Ngwe Saung Beach has a thin, delicate coating of thin pieces of pure clay that covers the area. Obviously the weight of the granulate is lower and it is cleaned and painted over the beach.

Fortunately Ngwe Saung has enormous amounts of sands and is so broad that a lot of beach is left at high tide. Unprocessed wastewater from hotels will gradually contaminate the groundwater, but until there are many more rooms, it is unlikely to leak into the oceans in any number.

The upcoming tourist booming and the general failures of Myanmar's beach hotels to completely clean their waste waters, however, means that the issue will increase, even if ignored, until it affects the hotels' earnings sometime in the futures - as is the case in neighboring states. Before Ngwe Saung, the Bengalese Gulf has 1,000 kilometers of waters that separate it from India.

Most of the shadow on the beach is man-made, under straw barn or parasols. Much of the Burmese beach tree has been taken away because they love to design and urbanise their beach. Of course, is not necessarily good in the locals eye, with the "civilized" appearance is ceramic.

Due to what most beach enthusiasts in the West find unexplainable, practically every seaside town has a barrier between it and the beach. It is often necessary for visitors to walk through gateways or use steps to get to the beach. They certainly ruin the beach's appearance - but locals and builders are relentless, and every new place gets its beach walls above all else - even if the construction of the walls requires the felling of large, shadebush.

Situated at the northern end of the beach, at the intersection with Yangon Rd. It' s almost exclusively focused on the tourist industry, because there are only a few locals who work in the seaside towns and their visitors. There are some offering living shellfish, although according to this author's own experiences all the shellfish here seemed to be significantly fresh and cheaper than in the bigger seaside towns in the area.

Maybe Ngwe Saung's great asset (for some) over his close neighbor Chaung Tha is the tranquility he provides over eight kilometers of beach. However, the downside to having so much beach rest when all eateries are located in a small town is the remoteness of some hotels to a non-hotel menu.

That' five kilometers of empty street from the hotels in the southern part back to the town. This may be a relic from ancient times, when the army practically blackmailed the tourist by making them buy $200 Kyat or a $200 voucher at strange prices when they arrived.

In November 2013, when this author reviewed the awards in Ngwe Saung, the hotels charged about twice as much for local residents. Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha are both located on the coastline just east of Yangon and can be reached by a rugged, uneven 225-kilometre stretch of highway. Overlooking Yangon, there are no lights and no lane markers, so the gaze of the streets at nights falls on a dark area.

I was amazed by my rider that there are only crashes near Yangon, where the streets are broader and the riders are weirder. A lot of busses run between Yangon and the beach every single working days, along with at least one overnight coach. Better resort offers more convenient transportation by van or automobile.

Hiring a car is simple, through any Yangon Travel facility, while some urban taxes also make the journey.

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