Yangon Beach

The Yangon Beach

The Ngwe Saung Beach on the coast of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. The best beaches and islands in Myanmar. Nearer to Yangon, Chaung Tha Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach will probably not fit everyone's idea of a deserted beach, but they are clean, sunny and the easiest to reach beaches in Myanmar. The Ngwe Saung is one of three large beach destinations in Myanmar, where each beach occupies a specific market niche. Ngapali, Myanmar's largest beach destination, is better known to foreign visitors, but this requires a one-hour flight from Yangon, which discourages the locals.

Yangon City Beach? - Postal board of Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon City Beach? To choose: 1st Ngapali Beach: 1 hr flights from Yangon every day. 2nd Chaungtha Beach: 5 hrs coach ride from Yangon. 3rd Ngwe Suang Beach: also about 5 hrs by coach from Yangon. Ngapali Beach, not yet overpopulated. The Maungmagan Beach (near Dawei): clear water and gold sands in one hr flying time from Yangon to Dawei.

5 Letkhokkon Beach: the wardrobe to Yangon, 4 hours drive by boat. Ngapali or Ngwe Suang, not as beautiful as Chuangtha. Myeik (Mergu) Beachs & Islands: one flying lesson from Yangon, mainly because of the Mergui Archipelago Zone, where some beach activity can be done.

Myanmar's best sandy beach and island

Burma is not a well-known beach, but picturesque, palm-fringed sandy shores are hardly shaped more perfect than at Ngapali Beach. To the north of here and there are infinite isles and uncharted shores, but at the present time most of them are off limits. As soon as you have reached the steaming Sittwe, you can romp around the city' s shores with the local people and observe the sundown over the Bay of Bengal from the beach and take a brief stroll or a bike ride just south of Sittwe.

Nearer to Yangon, Chaung Tha Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach will probably not suit everyone's idea of a beach that is empty of people, but they are clear, sun-kissed and the most accessible in Myanmar. While the land is beginning to open up to the outside world, more and more of it will welcome more and more overseas but none of them is likely to be more tempting than the unfamiliar Myeik Islands in the North.

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Is there a beach resort that can be reached by coach or cab from the capitol? both Caung Ta beach and Ingwe Sung beach are equally far from Yangon, about 4 hrs to the beach of PATHIN, then 90 mins. It is 3km long, the favourite for the locals, many things to do, bicycles, dragons, many food stands on the beach, cheaper dining and pensions, many interesting towns, school, you can cover any walking distances. nngwe sung is 14 km long, mostly luxurious resort, you need transportation, not much to do, but the beach itself is much gorggous. motorcycle from one beach to another about 2-3 h.

I' ve remained twice to Chaungtha at GH on beach 1. once B&B $8 then cost went up to $30 ao divided with fellow on coach that' been to both a few times and prefers Ngapali but Chaungtha is the lower priced choice shiwe towards tha is $35 bed breakfast and dinner for two, (was $7 two years ago the same room) for old wood lodge next to beach.

0h. i was sharing with sweet english dude i ran into on pathein's coach. although my gh was $15 (12,000k yat without breakfast) great sheepflavor at gwe wwe pub opposite the bench and also acceptable breakfasts along 2 doors. was. The Ngwe Saung Beach should be your option as the Chaung Thar beach is overcrowded by the natives and the waters are not as pure as in NS.

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