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It's only an hour's drive from Yangon. The Bago is a simple day trip from Yangon. On the way to Bago, train station. It is the first major station on the railway line from Yangon to Mandalay. The best way from Yangon to Bago is by train.

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Allied War Memorial Cemetery is 32 km from Yangon, on the Bago-street. Pegu or Bago is an old Burma capitol (now Myanmar ), 80 kilometres northeast of Yangon, near the Bago River. Myanmar people believe that two of Thaton' s dames established Bago in 573 AD.

During the colonial period this town was also known as Pegu. An interesting myth has it that Lord Buddha foretold ( "after seeing two bird species sit on a cliff overlooking the sea") that a land that follows Buddha's teachings will thrive in the place where Bago is now.

Where to get to Bago? From Yangon it will take about 1 hour to 2hrs. Bus - It will take 3 hrs to get there from Yangon. Train - It will take 2 hrs to get there from Yangon. Where to get around Bago? Alternatively, the simplest way to explore the town is to hire a cab for the whole outing.

Location - it is situated behind Shwemawdaw Paya on a hillside with views of the town. You can get a stunning look at the town of Bago from where Hintha Gon Paya is. Hintha Gon Paya was made by a Myanmar friar named U Kanti, also known for the design of Mandalay Mountain.

It is a symbol for the bird in Burma's legends about Lord Buddha's forecast of the town of Bago. Buddha in a lying position, similar to Buddha on Nirvana Island Sunday. Enclosed by ornamental panes of glazing depicting the lives of the Buddha and the Guardians Nat (spirits). Shchedhalyaung Lying Buddha was erected in 994 A.D. by King Mingadippa.

Shchedhalyaung Lying Buddha was found in the Myanmar woods by an British railroad company in 1881 when the British reigned over the area. Location - This is near the Bago railhead. Buddhist Sima, composed of 10 panels with Pali and Mon epigraphs, a wonderful marbled inner room and 28 Buddha pictures.

Maha Kalyani Sima was constructed in 1479 by King Dhammazedi. Shwegugale Paya is a uniquely shaped cylinder shape. In the pagoda are 64 Buddha-statures. Location - Under a beloved banyan trees, several kilometres from Yangon, on the way to Bago. Swemawdaw Paya was constructed during the Mon Dynasty.

Profile - Four Buddha sculptures sit back to back. Kyaik Pun Paya was erected in 1470 by King Dhammazedi. Four mon nuns help to construct the statue according to Myanmar myth. One of them got married, one of the sculptures would be ruined. One of the sculptures actually collapsed in 1930 due to an quake.

Location - Kanbawzathadi-Palast is located north of Shwemawdaw Paya. Must-have in Bago. From 1553 to 1599 King Bayinnaung lived in the castle. Weighbridge made of bronce, arms, Buddha sculptures in Bagn-, Siam- and Mon-style and parts of an original tea kettle-face.

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