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The Yangon Attractions

It' one of two cathedrals in Yangon and has a beautiful interior. The attractions include market visits, cooking courses and visits to pagodas. The tour gives you an insight into the rural life of Myanmar, just a few steps from Yangon, and a visit to Twante, the historic centre of Myanmar's ceramics. The Eastern Yangon Tour takes you to the most exciting places you have ever seen. Yangon is a half day city tour that gives us the opportunity to enjoy the best sights of the city in such a short time.

It' the most beloved place in Yangon. - Re-read the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

If you are on a Wednesday, it is better to know that you were borne in the mornings or in the afternoons, because the Lord is different. Nice and great coupé. And Yangon has the kindest folks. Dinner is great and the early bird fair near Chinatown is really definitely something for you. It is good to see in the daytime in the evening and then when it is dim and all the light is on.

In most holy places in Myanmar you cannot even wearing boots or stockings and this is one of them. Our leader dropped us off near the entry and let our boots and stockings in his sock. It' one of the places you need to see. The golden stucture is a landmark of the arts - whether in natural light, at twilight or in the evenings.

We looked at the outside of the building from the first instant until the minute we circled the main pavilion, the complicated detail and the number of Buddhas we saw. Aside from the structures, you will see an insight into their buddhistic cultures, with friars and natives of all age who meditate, pray and offer gift.

Were you at the Shwedagon Pagoda?

Yangon: Sightseeing & Our insider tips

Looks like just last night we found the mess in Yangon and fallen in lov. In fact, our first journey to Myanmar was almost 5 years ago, but it seems that not much has happened in this period and our unshakable attraction to this land drives our nosy and migratory minds.

But, in essence, it is still the same Yangon we recall - 5 years later, as we walked along these intimate roads, we were struck by the same waves of wonder and awe. You will find in this post the most interesting places of interest in Yangon and of course our proven restaurants and ratings.

You will most likely begin (and/or end) your journey to Yangon, where most of your travel to Myanmar is located. Yangon was our first stop on our two Myanmar-journeys. Somehow this year we really wanted to dive into the mess of the big Yangon.

But Yangon is by far the most messy, lively, noisiest and filthiest place in Myanmar. This also means that if you can smile here and clear the way, then you have done well and your next trips to Myanmar will be a piece of cake by contrast. It'?s difficult to put Yangon into words - you just have to be there.

It is recommended that you spend at least two nights in Yangon. Longer, the better, of course, but two full day is enough to get to know the town and see the most important places of interest without too much hassles. There are more places of interest and activity in Yangon than you would think.

Sure, everyone knows the gigantic breathtaking and one of the most intriguing sights - the Shwedagon Pagoda. You only have enough in Yangon to see an attraction, then it must be the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is the symbol of Myanmar and also recognized as one of the most important Buddhistic shrines in the whole wide globe.

Superlative can neither describe nor do justice to this place, the miracle that rises almost a hundred metres into the skies in the city. Chedi of the Shwedagon pit has an approximate 60 tons of golden in its shells! Set with a thousand jewels and stones, there is a magical world that starts from the cloakroom.

This is why we suggest that you take enough free and easy access to the Shwedagon Pagoda. We also suggest a visit just before sundown so you can see the Shwedagon Pagoda in the gold light and soak up the last beams of the sun, and later, when the dark is consuming the end of the sun, the Pagoda puts on its own show of light until it glows like a gold realm under a starlit nightsky skies.

Please note: As with all Myanmar places of worship, you will need to take off your boots and stockings at Shwedagon Pagoda. Sule Pagoda is not nearly as dramatic as her "big sister", but just because most people are attracted to Shwedagon Pagoda, it is much quieter around Sule Pagoda.

The Sule Pagoda is certainly definitely a worthwhile place to be! But, in our view, not an essential part of Yangon. As with the Shwedagon Pagoda, both men and women must have covers on their knee and shoulder or can rent a longyi (2,500 kyats per use).

The Sule Pagode is situated in the midst of a lively traffic circle in the eastern part of the old part of the part. A further place to see is the Chinese streets fair of China Towtown, which begins around the 19. road and goes eastwards. Burma was once a UK settlement. Rangoon (as the name of the old Yangon was then given) is one of the few places where many of its antique architecture has been conserved.

Therefore you will find a lot of Yangon's colorful farmhouses. When you want to see the most attractive Yangon townhouses, you should begin just above Sule Pagode Here you will find Yangon Townhall. Passing the Sule Pagoda you reach a large maha bandula park.

You will find the most renowned and splendid Yangon beach resort. Nevertheless, we were curiously on the interiors of the hotels and so we immediately chose to drink a cup of tea in the very chic hotelbar. The ministerial building, also known as the secretariat, is a very particular attraction and also a cultural heirloom.

When you have little in Yangon, the minister's office is not something you really need to see. Nevertheless, it was without any doubts profitable! When you spend more than a days or two in Yangon, you should take a look at the circuit train where you can get on the boat and it will take you on a round trip around Yangon.

Trains are certainly an adventure, you can also buy a ticket right before you leave from the main station, and if you exchange it, it won't even cost a buck! Bogyoke Aung San is the most popular in Yangon, but in our view not an essential part of the tour, as it has become very touristic, especially on the groundfloor.

The Buddha is about 70 metres long and one of the biggest in Myanmar. When you have enough free Yangon it is definitely a worthwhile place to go, but not an absolutely must see at all. When you have a lot of free day and want to take a rest from the excitement in Yangon, then you should take a look at Kandawgyi Lake.

Okay, so we know we have a lot to see and do, but don't worry, you can see all the Yangon attractions in one of them. Here is a possible route for those who have little time: Begin your mornings early, explore the streets of China Town and drift away.

Then, make your way to Sule Pagoda. There you can discover the most attractive colorful monuments of the town. Or you can take a cab to Shwedagon Pagoda just before sundown, but make sure you remain until it is totally black before you leave. You' re not going to be sorry, because it's amazingly magic at this point.

84- Pan Hlaing St, Yangon (outside the center). Also the area around the Easy Cafe is very clean, at least in comparison to the citycenter. You' ll undoubtedly find many other fun cafés in the same streets where new ones keep appearing.

Don't get too excited about the ambiance, but the views of the sea together with the Shwedagon Pagoda in the back is breathtaking, especially at sundown. Situated at the west end of the old city, between 8 and aisle 9, you can easily reach places like Chinatown on walking distance.

To get to the attractions outside the center (such as the Shwedagon Pagoda), you need a cab. If you have been to Yangon before, do you have some advice you would like to tell us? Are you thinking of going to Yangon and asking us a few simple question?

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