Yangon area

The Yangon Territory

The latter, with the exception of Botataung, are all located in the Western District of Yangon. The Yangon region lies at the eastern end of the Ayeyarwaddy Delta with the Andaman Sea in the southeast, the Bago region in the north and the Ayeyarwaddy region in the west. Tastefully furnished French B&B in a quiet, upscale area of Yangon. The Yangon is home to Myanmar's most famous attraction, the Shwedagon Pagoda. Myanmara Yangon | Are you looking for accommodation in Yangon?

Region Yangon

The Yangon region has the Yangon harbour. The Yangon region lies at the easterly end of the Ayeyarwaddy Delta with the Andaman Sea in the southeast, the Bago region in the northeast and the Ayeyarwaddy region in the west. Yangon region covers 3,927 sq. m.; the total area of the city is about 3,973,782.

The Yangon region is one of the most important rice fields. Principal cultures are pads, peanuts, hessian, legumes, gum and sucrosee. All of the region is involved in the implementation of the specific high-yield farming scheme. Myanmar's pharmaceuticals manufacturing sector, its steelworks, tarpaulin plant, aluminum plant, tiles plant, soaps plant, glass plant, elastomer pellet plant, pendulum tap plant, rain screen plant and shoe plant are all in the Yangon region.

The Yangon region is commercially advanced because it is located at a strategically important point in the communication web. Motorways, railways, water and airways link Yangon City to the whole area. Yangon's harbours are always occupied with maritime and aviation. The Yangon Port is the major gate to the state for all importation and outside the state for all exportation.

Microwaves are available with an automated switchboard for internal communication. Yangon is home to the country's television and television networks. It is the major seaport by road and rail. You can visit all other places from Yangon. Yangon's emblem is the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the wonder of the while.

Bogyoke Aung San is the most important tourism industry. Yangon has over 40 collective houses.

to extend Yangon City area

According to Yangon Municipality Hla Myint, the area of Yangon is being extended at seven locations and extended by over 100,000 acre. He unveiled the plans when he presented the'Yangon Town Development Strategy 2040' to the Yangon Region legislature today. Myanmar's trading town is being extended in seven stages according to priority: 1) 17,375 acres east of Yangon; 2) 21,716 acres southwest; 3) 21,193 pounds in Thanlyin Township; 4) 15,173 pounds in Dala; 5) 24,748 pounds in Htantabin; 6) 11,594 pounds in Hmawby; 7) 6,933 pounds in Hlegu.

Constituency No. 2 Bahan MP Nyo Nyo Nyo Thin said she felt insecure about the notion of expanding Yangon because enlargement to the southwest resembled a contentious urban enlargement plan from last year that was eventually dropped by the local assembly. It emphasized that the city's annual demographic increase is 2.6 percent and that the capital is also home to tens of thousand of homeless and illicit migrants.

It proposed that urban enlargement is necessary to meet the ever-increasing number of Yangon's population.

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