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The Yangon Airways company offers regular and charter air travel within the country, which was established in 1996 and is based in Yangon, Myanmar..... Yangon International Airport is its major crossroad. And Yangon Airways serves 13 locations around the globe. Yangon Airways offers you the best fares with an appealing cash back. Free baggage allowance for Yangon Airways:

Free Check-In during the flight: Consumers are eligible for only hand bags and a handbag or attache case. Hand bags should not be heavier than 7 kg and should not be oversized. Hold baggage: Do not oversize your hold bags for Yangon Airways (length + width + height).

It is not allowed to carry a bag of more than 20 kg. The free luggage amount will be shown on your airline tickets, travel plans and receipts and depends on the terms and constraints in force at the moment of the journey. When you have more pouches than allowed or when your pouches weigh more than the straight line limits, you will be billed extra surcharges.

Yangon Airways Web Check-in is available at the Baggage Dropping Counter for quicker and more comfortable check-in. You can also contact Yangon Airways prioritised desks (available at selected airports) to help you spend more hours. Offers & Deals:

We' re always offering the best deals to improve the travelling experiences for everyone. For more information about the range of national and foreign flights, please select the one that suits you best and benefit from the many years of bookings with us. Luggage regulations are for guidance only and may not apply to certain itineraries.

Services suspended by Yangon Airways

Burmese military-ruled Yangon Airways, a local carrier, is suspending all air services from 3 December due to the annulment of its Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) by the civilian airways authorities, according to travellers' agencies. Yangon Airways said in a declaration that its regular services will be provisionally interrupted from 3 December and that it will support its clients in the transfer of airlines.

There was no indication from the carrier when it could recommence operations. Unaffirmed accounts show that the company can file for insolvency. Yangon Airways, a Rangoon based agency that wanted to talk on an anonymous basis, said it had chosen to discontinue its service because of the commercial rivalry from Air Bagan, an air carrier that belongs to one of Burma's wealthiest business people, Tay Za.

It was co-founded in October 1996 by the state-owned Myanma Airways and the Thai Krong-Sombat Co. With the takeover of Krong-Sombat's stake by Mayflower Co. in October 1997, the carrier became one of the most important German airlines. Ltd. is assumed to own Yangon Airways stock. He was added to the US government's sanction agenda in February 2008 as one of the junta's businessmates.

The United States government imposed penalties on Yangon Airways on 13 November 2008 under the Kingpin Act, which applies to persons or companies involved in drug dealing.

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