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They have now booked all my domestic flights on Yangon Airways (Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay-Yangon). Yangon, day, FLT, departure, arrival, via. There are no interview reviews for Yangon Airways. See verified and detailed photos reviews of Yangon Airways airline. Yangon Airways flights information and pictures from experienced travellers.

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Did anyone use the Yangon Airways website to make a reservation for their Yangon Airways flights? The Yangon Airways website looks a little like you can make an on-line reservation, but just like Air Mandalay it is a very small company and does not yet provide an on-line one. The majority of other Burma's national carriers have on-line bookings now.

It' very simple to make a reservation a day or two in Myanmar, just ask your reception or go to a tourist agency. Like Rolf says, unlike the other carriers, AM does not provide on-line bookings with CC and e-ticket editions. The Yangon Airways website definitely looks like it's possible, but as I thought, it's not possible, so that's why I asked.

Is Yangon Airways secure and dependable?

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Hi guys, I recently asked my Santa Maria if they could get me on another airline than Air Bagan, because I was reading somewhere that Air Bagan was using Myanmar Airways airplanes. They have now reserved all my domestic flight on Yangon Airways (Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay-Yangon).

I' d hoped to be hired on Mandalay, but on the other side Yangon Airways has a comforting logotype ("You're save with us") and it seems that their airplanes and drivers are regularly certificated according to stringent international flight security standard. I am pleased that Yangon Airways has made your shortlist of Favourite Airline companies.

Hi, I flew a few flights with Yangon Air and liked them - just like Air Bagan and Air Mandalay. Yeah, I saw this pole before surrendering my own, Floater, but the interest of this billboard seemed to be translating towards who the Airway possessed rather than its security per se.

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