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Example - International Airport. In the arrival hall of Yangon International Airport there is a large shop. The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[show Wikipedia page here]. Yangon International Airport.JPG.

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??Airport (Burmese: ?????????Yangon?International??????????????????; MLCTS: Mingaladon Airport is situated 15 kilometers from Yangon. Myanmar's ten airline companies and some 30 multinational companies are all active at Yangon Airport, Yangon at ?Airport?Airport Because of its position, the airport is also known in colloquial terms as Mingaladon Airport. In World War II the airport was named RAF Mingaladon and was used as an operational airfield for combat planes such as No.Hawker Hurricane Squadron RAF from February 1941 to February 1942 with Bristol Blenheim I, No.Hawker Hurricane Squadron RAF from October 1941 to March 1942 with A Buffalo and Hawker Hurricane I.

Squadron?RAF from January-February 1942 flies Hawker Hurricane II, No.Hawker Hurricane Squadron RAF from June to September 1945 flies Supermarine Spitfire and the 3rd season, 1. Supermarine?Spitfire?Group (Flying Tigers) of the Chinese Air Force flies Curtissimo. Yangon Airport was constructed by the Calcutta Metropolitan Airports Authority on the former RAF?Mingaladon in 1947. Formerly the best in Southeast Asia and the most important airport to serve this area, the airport crumbled and stayed in decline for many years when new super hubs such as Singapore Changi Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta were constructed and replaced the Yangon city.

At the beginning of 2016, the airport's annual passenger traffic volume was increased to 6 million. Currently it is planned to construct a new and bigger airport, Hanthawaddy?International?Airport, on a much bigger area and a bit off Yangon. Built by the Airport Development Division of CPG Corporation of Singapore, a new $13.3 million airport development facility was built by Asia?World

4 ] It can accommodate 900 incoming and 900 leaving customers at the same time. It was inaugurated in March 2016, with the former T2 being the new airport terminals. On December 5, 2016, the new Inland Station (T3) was opened. The old internal passenger terminals were torn down in August 2014 and work began on the building of the new six-storey airport kiosk www.kiosk for foreigners.

On the 12th March 2016 the opening celebration took place. Once Terminal 1 opens, the airport will be able to process 6 million people a year, compared with 2.7 million before. Following the opening of Terminal 1, the former International Terminal was re-named "Terminal?". "CPG Corporation in Singapore and the Asia World Company built the structure for $13.3 million.

At the same check-in point, the airport can accommodate 900 incoming and 900 outgoing customers. It was inaugurated on 5 December 2016 and replaces the old airport building, which was torn down in August 2014. Until the completion of Terminals 3, the former V. I.P. building was used as a temporary internal passenger shelter.

It was reconstructed as a connection between the first and second terminals. Service Yangon ( "Yangon International Airport"): Yangon International Airport: Yangon International Airport: Yangon Bus Stop: Yangon International Airport: Yangon International Airport: Yangon Bus-Stop. Busses stop at Yangon International Airport, 8 Mile, Nawade, Kaba-Aye Pagoda, Lanni, Hanmithit, Shwegondine, Bahan 3rd Street, Kyauktaing, Yauklan and Sule?Pagoda

Buses on the way back are Sule, Yangon Railway Station, Zoological Gardens, Bahan 3rd Street, Shwegondine, Lanni, Kaba-Aye Pagoda, Nawade, 8 Mile and the airport. for?for?VYYY at World Aero Data.

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