Yangon Airport to Hotel

From Yangon Airport to Hotel

Taxis are the only choice unless you book with your hotel for pickup, which is expensive. You either need a ticket, take a taxi or ask for Pa Ywet Seik Kone. Which are the current rates for taxis from the airport to downtown Yangon. It will arrive in early October. From Yangon Airport to downtown Yangon.

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What does a cab fare cost? There is no commute from the city centre to the airport. It' less fare for a cab and then it is better to take a cab to the airport. For a cab trip you will have to settle about 8 thousand (10 USD). Taxis are the only option unless you are booking with your hotel for pickup, which is costly.

Taxicab is about 6500kyats, that's about 8$to9$ to the town. I' m a little bit amazed they don't have busses to the airport. I' ve only seen this and I am worried:'Travellers should bear in mind that there are no taximeters or fixed rates for these taxi journeys; therefore it is necessary to negotiate or agree on the fare in advance (at least if you want to prevent very high fees)'.

Do you really have to arrange the fee with the cabbie before you take the cab? There' s a cab stand at the airport with firm (ish) rates, but the cabs are usually old, from SEAsia with right-driven. I' d still rather be in a cab in Yangon than in the city centre of Bangkok.

Well, except the airport taxis with fix rate, I have to ask in advance how much before I take a cab to any place. How about citybuses? Favourite public transportation is a metal umbrella pick-up - anywhere in the whole wide globe (except India) it would take 8 persons - in Yangon it will be twice as big as with extra items on the back.

Get a cab and ask for a rate - when you leave your hotel, ask them to compile a rate for you.

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