Yangon Airport to City Center

Airport Yangon to the city center

Is there the best route from the airport to downtown Yangon? Sule, which is located in the centre of Yangon and is an important landmark. Hi Can someone give me a rough idea of how much a taxi from the airport to the city centre costs? The nearest airport is Yangon International Airport (RGN). It is only a few minutes from the city centre and the airport is only a few minutes away.

Transfers from the airport to Central Rangoon

Hello, Wikitravel proposes that there is a local transportation connection from Rangoon Airport to the city center: Go about 1 km from the airport and take the 51Busstop. Are Prome/Pyay Rd busses on the street, marked as NH1 on Google Maps? I suppose I need Kyat to buy such a coach; is it simple to reach Kyat at the airport?

Can anyone suggest a cheap Rangoon resort? I will arrive in mid-February; should I book a room in time? Will I be able to book in time or will I be given a room to shop at the end?

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) travel tips

From Yangon International Airport a cab fare should be about $10 US dollars. So I chose to go with Kiev and was burdened with 8,000 Kiev, which was a little less than that. For an early comeback to the airport I didn't want to argue. From the airport you can give in to the many merchants or go to a stand offering you the $10-deal and you can get a kind of ticketing, and a man will accompany you to a holding cab.

He' s paying the cabbie. As the cabbie drove me off, he "forgot" the bill. Taxis in Yangon throughout the city centre should be 2000-3000 kyats. It can be 500-1000 cyat more in the evenings or early mornings (as for the airport for an early flight). Maybe you can work out a low-cost trip through Yangon with a cabbie for just a few thousand Kie.

You do not use any metres here, so set the prices before boarding. When you stay at a lodging establishment, the porter will probably stop the cab, make sure they know where you are going, and confirm the fare.

You only see one thing in Yangon, it's the Shwedagon Pagoda. Leave in the mornings before the sun rises and use your tickets the same night to be there by sundown. Bottle or faucet? A bottle of soda, of course. There is a free cooling system inside the airport near the Yangon gate, so don't be worried about the loss of your filled bottle of warmwater.

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