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On Saturday, my wife and I are going to Yangon for a weekend visit. First place you can change is the airport. Hi folks, I'm flying to Yangon, Myanmar next week. Are you expecting to exchange about half the money you take to Myanmar for Kyat? The CB Bank offers all customers the money exchange service.

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I' m flying to Yangon next weekend and I wonder if I should: I hear that the airport in Yangon will be closed after 5 pm..... because my plane will be arriving at 6 pm. Trade $ for Kiev at the airport. Don't take Dong or spare in Vietnam.

It is advisable to take a US$ cab when you are not staying at the hotels to get a cab. Hi, do not take Vietnam dolly to Burma, because to modify hard and not many changers for dong.in the airport you can modify dollar until 22 pm.

It is very unlikely that you can convert somewhere in Myanmar Dong to Kyat, and you cannot buy from Myanmar Kyat in Vietnam (or anywhere else outside Myanmar)....some $US, and all US you take must be untouched. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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How can I exchange money at Yangon Airport? There are about 6 exchange units in the arrival area. You mean toggle switches that are open until 6:00 p.m.? We' ve got the best rates at Yangon airport. We' re told again and again not to make any changes on the streets, there are some cheaters.

In addition to the money exchange facilities, there are also many well-maintained ATM machines at the airport. The airport of Yangon is astonishingly fashionable! Anybody know what time the heat exchanger opens? I see a plane arriving from Hong Kong around 11:45.

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I just want to say that I also saw the KBZ banks change money at Heho Airport (Inle Lake). You will be accepting dollars, euros and Singapore dollars. Exchangerate today: U.S. 1: 830 kyats, Euro 1 1050 kyats, SIN? The exchange Rates in the Nyaungshwe Negro are significantly lower: 765 for 100 USD notes and 750 for 50, 20, 10, 5, 1 USD notes.

980 euros for all invoices. dolcevita42: For the show I would like to link you to www.legalnomads.???. A traveler accounts are very useful on money hints n gimmicks etc. However, as a rule, try not to have invoices older than 2003. However, there are a few exemptions, the hotel accepts my 1999 invoices without any problems, so if you have some of them lying around, please do.

I also exchanged money in an exchange bureau in Yangon. It was 10 kyat lower than on the illegal trade, but you don't get the trouble and fraud in it. You can all swap a set amount per trading days. So, you might have to go to two of them to get all your money.

The smallest misprint (blame is the treasury) in the money can make your money useless. Two of the four stands seem to have a penchant for euros, the other two for dollars.

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