Yangon Airport Currency Exchange

Currency exchange at Yangon Airport

Money; We buy; We sell. Hello folks, I'm flying to Yangon, Myanmar next week. Airport-foreign exchange rates.

Expect to exchange about half of the money you take to Myanmar for Kyat. The property offers local currency exchange.

All about Yangon International Airport | Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Airport is neat, air conditioned and well-run. It is a small airport, so you don't have to stay too long at the border and get your bags quickly. Now, they have a new registration card, you must explain if you are bringing more than 10 000 US$. after the duty, near the roundabouts, where you are waiting for your bags, you have the coin changer.

They can exchange some of your currency there, they give you a reasonable rate. You take US$, Euro and Singapore Dollar. in Aug 2013 the prices were: we do not suggest going to the UK Stock Exchange to exchange your currency. it is not sure you can get cheated, and you do not want to get into difficulties if you are either travelling for fun or on holiday.

As soon as you are in the city, you can get changed at your hotels or at the city centre's public changing stations. Once you have received your baggage, there is a check, and then there are other coin exchangers. You go out and find yourself a cab.

Notice them: Even if they have a genuine cab, they will still bill you more. there is an office cab rank with an eSign: the office fare is inscribed. Well, it's a little fraud, it's up to you if you want to take 1 buck or if you want to make a point by getting the money... When you get in your cab, the city centre isn't that far (15 km) and you could need 30 min. to get there, more or less depending on your transport.

Normally the cab driver can only say a few words in English. Allow yourself to be in Yangon!

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