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Fly to Yangon Airport Bus to City

It' only a little bit impractical, a bus stop is only a few hundred meters away from the airport terminal. House-to-house private transfers from Yangon airport to Yangon, cheap shuttle transfers, minibuses and private bus transfers in Yangon . The Yangon International Airport is the most important international airport of Myanmar (Burma). There are many waiting taxis (and taxis) at the arrival terminal to get to the city. Yangon Max Novotel, Yangon (Rangoon):

Saves your cash - Yangon's coach terminals and airports by coach. - My Oh Myanmar !

The Yangon busses will be diverted from January 16, 2017. Until now I know that the council to take the number of the coach from the city to the city is not changing, except that the number of the coach you are looking for is No. 37 (blue) and does not go to Sule Pagoda.

Get off at Myinigone and change to number 61 (blue) to Sule Pagoda. It' the same numbers going to the airfield. No 61 from Sule and then No 37 from Myinigone. When you are not in the centre of the city, number 37 leaves from Mahabandoola Road near Pongyi Road in the western part of the city centre.

At Dagon Ayar it is also number 61 (blue) from Sule Pagode without changing trains. There is also No. 20 on Thein Byu Road just south of the railway line. From the Aung Mingalar coach terminal it is No. 7 (red) from Sule Pagode to Za Wa Na and then take the No. 18 (red) towards Aung Mingalar.

It' simple and inexpensive to get to and from the airports and coach terminals without taking a cab. Yangon's Mingaladon International is ten leagues from the city centre. There' s no coach that goes all the way to the airfield, but there is still no need to take a cab.

The number 61 travels from Sule Pagode to the city centre. Early in the day it will take about 45 - 60 min, more at the top to get to a place called Se' Mi' (Burmese for ten miles), which is just after the turn-off to the Aiport. Exit at Se' Mi' and walk across the street to find small pick-ups to the airfield.

When you drive from the city to the city, you do the opposite. Most of the street is shadowed by bush. Collection (or a cab if you prefer) will take you to Se' Mi', then take the 37 / 61 shuttle (or a few others - just hear or ask for'Sulay') to the city.

You will land in the city just outside the Merchant Street or at the Trader Hotel, according to the distance and type of coaches. Taxidrivers at the taxi terminal will tell you that there is no shuttle service to the city centre - but then they would say that they would not do so. If, even after you have read this book, you don't like it.... There are two major tram stops (Kar Geh in Burma).

Approximately 12 leagues from the city centre, behind the international airports, is the Aung Mingalar coach terminal. It is the central coach terminal and services northern and eastern destinations, which include Mandalay, Inle and Bagan - and some western destinations, according to coach companies. Busses 7 and 18 connect Aung Mingalar with the city centre (see above).

Busses leave from 6.00 to at least 20.00 or 21.00 from the Sule Piroda Road stop just off the northern side of the pit and depart from Aung Mingalar even sooner into the city. However, it can be a little more difficult to find, according to where your primary coach has called.

A number of busses depart from the central train terminal. When you go to the entrance, you get on the path that you use to get to the highroad. Some of them begin at the Hauptstra├če itself. There' s also a Passenger Coach from the same place near the Sule Pagoda between 5.30 and 21.00 (when full) for 1000 Kyat to Aung Mingalar.

Aung Ma Ha is the name of the enterprise. Most of the vehicles are brand-named with Myanmar beers, some with Aung Mingalar on the back window - in Burmese. The Dagon Ayer terminal services western and continental destinations include Pathein, Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha. It' similarly far from the city centre across the Yangon Riviera.

No. 61 (Blue) departs from the Sule Pagoda without changing trains. Thein Byu Road somewhere in Tibet and drives up the west side of Yangon before it crosses a large overpass. The busses go to the city garden near the entry and exits and run regular from mornings to evenings.

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