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The Airport - Business Opportunities - Careers - Contact - News & Promotions - Privacy - Terms of Use - Sitemap - FAQ. This website is for flight status at Yangon International Airport. The Yangon Airport Flight Status deals with questions such as: Will my flight from Yangon airport be on time? The Yangon International Airport (YIA) is the second largest airport in Myanmar after Mandalay Airport.

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The ANA Group will be arriving at Yangon Airport Terminal 1. Present your immigration card and your visa. The ANA Group departs from Yangon Airport Terminal 1. Present your card and your card. Please have your residency card, half of your immigration card and your travel card ready.

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Yangon Airport (YIA) has 3 airports. There will be scheduled services from Terminal 1 and 2. Please note the timetables here. Internal Myanmar services start from the National Terminal. They will help you to find the right airlines for you. It is recommended that you book a chair at least 24hrs before arrival with your carrier.

They will help you to find the right airlines for you. Yangon International Airport offers a large variety of shops and restaurants. We' re always trying to enhance your experiences at Yangon International Airport, your comments are important to us. Your pre-paid SMS card is available in the arrivals area.

You will find coin changer in the departures and arrivals area. For safety purposes, objects such as mechanical weapons, explosives, ammunition and locking mechanisms are not permitted on the boat. Click here for a complete listing of limited articles. Yangon International Airport has a large choice of lounge facilities to offer our customers a high degree of customer care.

Click here for the airport lounge availability chart. For safety purposes, restricted quantities of SAGs are permitted on the vessel. Storage of all VLAGs is required in 100 ml vessels. If the size of the tank is more than 100 ml, it will not be acceptable, even if the tank is partly full.

N ope. Fluids, airborne particles and gel (LAGs) must be packaged in receptacles of not more than 100 ml each and conveniently placed in a clear, resealable pouch of not more than 1 litre┬│volume. Therefore, we do not accept the LAG in vessels over 100 ml, even if the vessel is only partly-full.

If your infant is not traveling with you, however, we strongly recommend that you keep the pumped breastmilk in 100 ml canisters. Receptacles must conveniently be placed in a resealable 1 litre polythene pouch. Tailored TAGs are rejected if they are not within the permitted capacities.

The LAG can be subject to pre-board security screening before entering the plane. It is recommended that travellers arrive at least 2 h 30 min before the planned flight depart. For more information, please contact your carrier. For more detailed information, please contact your carrier.

For more detailed information, please consult your carrier. For the unlikely case that your bags do not reach you, please consult your carrier regarding your lack of bags. Travelers arriving in Myanmar must be valid for at least 6 month. Foreign nationals who visit Myanmar may apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar in their own state.

If you are travelling on holiday, you can request a visa upon your arriving at Yangon International Airport. Click here for more visa inquiries. Irrespective of the home or intended use, all foreign nationals must have a visa when entering Myanmar. Usual passportholders from the following counties, however, are granted a visa waiver for 14 days:

Click here for more visa inquiries. Only the following may be taken to Yangon by any passenger: Any foreigner must state on the FED registration sheet any amount in excess of $10,000 (or equivalent) that must be presented to custom on entry into and exit from Myanmar. In addition, all denominated currencies must be lodged with an authorised merchant account within 3 month of your date of receipt.

Passengers are kindly requested to contact our appointed cab counter in the arrivals area.

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