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Rangoon 2015

2014 - 5. 21 million; 2015 - 5. January 2015 weather reports in Yangon, Myanmar with ups and downs. According to the American real estate service provider Colliers International, the office property market in Yangon will remain dynamic in 2015 and beyond.

Myanmar: religion, culture, Buddhism, Sule, Shwedagon, street life. The Myanmar Power Utilities Congress 2015, Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon BuildingTech 2015, Yangon | May 27-29, 2015

BuildTech Yangon 2015 is back in its second issue to further advance Myanmar's urbanization activities, focusing on the areas of infrastructures, transport, production, retail, and housing and business properties. Organized by Sphere Exhibits and co-organized by Myanmar construction entrepreneurs association, BuildTech Yangon 2015 is the premier industry showcase for innovative technology and product to meet the increasing demand for build and engineering in various verticals within Myanmar's constructed milieu.

Please go to http://www.btyangon.com/en to present your work before May 19, 2015 or to sign up as a user.

Yangon 2015 Together Festival | Yangon Life

It is one of the largest festival of electronica in Asia and was organised by 19 H-Life Entertainment in collaboration with A.G Production and Retox Sessions, Bangkok's most famous housemusic-romoter. They' ve worked with Myanmar's top organizers of digital dancing to create a great show for all Myanmar's dancing people.

Together Festival Yangon hosted the world's top deejays such as DVBBS, Dannic and WolfPack, who were in 16th, 26th and 52th place of DJ MAG's top 100 in 2015. The festival also hosted performances by Visionary (DJ Wine and Ar-T), ICEZ and M-invaders.

The Together Festival was a true darling of the audience and a unique occasion for the Myanmar community to see international celebrated DJ' s and artist.

Yangon's 2015 office property market remains buoyant: necklaces

According to the US property service provider Colliers International, the Yangon property sector will continue to be buoyant in 2015 and beyond. According to Colliers in his 2015 property outlook, rents for offices will rise continuously, albeit more moderately than in the past two years. In parallel to the growth intentions of the regional businesses, the reporting project, the need for offices is continuously underway.

Ongoing obstacles to access in core industries such as banks and insurers will put a brake on consumer demands until further liberalization is achieved, Colliers said. He said the market's prospects for economic recovery are sound, while Yangon will remain in the early stages of the economy's rate of recovery. The prospects for the Asian commercial property sector are "optimistic" for 2015, according to Colliers, as more and more multinational companies are expanding both in the area of personnel and company acquisition.

Rent will grow in the area in 2015, predicts Colliers International. A further expected uptrend in 2015 is that multinationals prefer to sell the properties they own and divert the funds into other investments as well. "On the other hand, many national users see the acquisition of property as an investing opportunity and an efficient way to spend, and they are likely to step up their purchasing activity," said Mark Lampard, executive vice president of Corporate Solutions, Asia Pacific.

In many Asian countries, the number of new entrants in 2015 will be lower than the standard for the year. Asia, which remains highly export dependant, will profit from an upturn in worldwide economic activity. In Asia, the rental agency sector should continue to stay in good health in the coming year. Though Colliers expects US interest rate increases in 2015, interest rate remains low on a historic average.

Kolliers is forecasting that the GDP in Asia as a whole will rise by an annual rate of 40 base points in 2015. Neckiers assumes that some of the refrigeration initiatives that have been implemented in various Asian countries in recent years will be eased, especially if a more feasible offer leads to an expansion of the current portfolio of offices.

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