Anya Ahta's restaurants bring distant flavours to Yangon city centre. Alla Ahta is the newest Yangon city centre eatery. Pansodan, Pansodan Scene and Pansuriya, Aung Soe Min, has put his own signature on Aung Soe Min Style. Menus include curry and anythinga sausages, as well as many local dishes, among them dried meat.

We had stewed coffee-bean, lettuce, dry seafood and curried squid. The only criticism I have is the absence of variation on the meal list, but I was informed that there will soon be more meals, especially for breakfasts.

Motorcycle ban remains in place | The Myanmar Times

A number of rumors have been heard about the 2003 motorcycle bans in Yangon, as well as the murmur that is emerging on the horizon. 3. There is a story of one man on a motorcycle making a threat gestures to a general of the army; another is that a motorcyclist handed out pro-democracy pamphlets, and the third is that a general's boy was murdered while driving a motorcycle.

Sadly, there are no intentions to remove the prohibition in the foreseeable future for motorcycle fans and those who believe that the re-introduction of motorcycles would work miracles in the event of gridlock. Yangon City Development Committee's Road and Bridges Assistant Secretary U Myo Lwin said to The Myanmar Times that the ruling will last for an indefinite period, while a Yangon Transport Law enforcement official who wanted to state his name said that bikers were caught up in many crashes and crime before the banning was implemented in the city of Yangon.

A spokesman for the Yangon Regional Transport Authority said that bikes are seized by the Yangon Regional Motor Transport Service if they are driven in a prohibited area. The 24-year-old Ko Moe is living in Northern Dagon Islands, which allows bikes in certain areas, said the coach is sluggish, inconvenient and not valuable the moneys.

Most motorcycle racers also hesitate to register K50,000 to their district road safety department, so they run the danger of a K50,000 penalty if they get busted. In Yangon, only Yangon city limits allow the use of motorbikes. You are not permitted to transport people and must be wearing motorcycle crashes.

Outside bikers are also not allowed to cycle to Yangon. A publisher in East Dagon said he did not want to reintroduce motorbikes because he was already thinking about the risks motorbikes present to the population. However, he added that busses are the cause of a large number of accidents and admitted that a motorbike taxiservice would be an economical and comfortable choice for many urbanites.

He said that two men are killed in motorcycle crashes every single working days and that the numbers would increase if the prohibition was lift. He acknowledged that the prohibition of motorcycles is not being implemented efficiently due to a shortage of manpower. Despite the recent raid, motorcycle deliveries are still growing and are still the most favoured means of transportation in the state.

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