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The film Princess and I shows the Kingdom of Bhutan as a fictional land Kingdom of Yangdon. Pem, Ashi Tshering Yangdon and Ashi Sangay Choedon. Yangdon Fenner's latest tweets (@yangdonfenner): Yangon is located in the Irrawaddy Delta, in the southwest of the country. Bhutanese royal family awards by country.


The Bhutan (; ????????? Druk Yul), formally the Kingdom of Bhutan (??????????? Druk Gyal Khap), is a land-locked region in Southern Asia..... It is situated in the eastern Himalayas and borders the Tibet Autonomous Region to the North, the Indian state of Sikkim and the Chumbi Valley of Tibet to the West, the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh to the Easterly, and the states of Assam and Western Bengal to the Sands.

In geopolitical terms, Bhutan is located in South Asia and is the second largest country in the area after the Maldives. Bhutan's sovereignty has lasted for hundreds of years and has never been colonised in its entirety. Located on the old Silk Road between Tibet, the sub-continent of India and Southeast Asia, the Buddhist state of Bhutan evolved its own Buddhism-led nationhood.

The Wangchuck House reunified the land and began a relationship with the British Empire after a nineteenth c. cataclysm. In Bhutan, a political partner with India during the ascent of China Kommunism, Bhutan has a controversial frontier with the People's Republic of China. During 2008 she moved from an absolutist Monarchie to a Institutional Monarchie and made the first choice to the National Assembly of Bhutan.

Bhutan's National Assembly is part of the Bhutanian Democratic Bi-Chamber Assembly. Landscapes range from luxuriant sub-tropical plain in the southern part of the island to the subalpine Himalayan hills in the northern part, with summits of over 7,000m. Bhutan's highest peak is Gangkhar Puensum, which is also a powerful contender for the world's highest untouched one.

Bhutan also has a rich fauna. Bhutan is the most important city in South Asia in terms of economical liberty, friendliness to trade and peacefulness, second in terms of per capita incomes and from 2016 it will be the least crooked state. Bhutan, however, is still a least advanced state. It is a parliamentarian démocracy, the leader is the King of Bhutan, known as the "Dragon King".

While Bhutan has bilateral political links with 52 states and the European Union, it has no official links with the five standing members of the United Nations Security Council. Royal Bhutan Army has a strong defence relationship with the Indian Armed Forces. Also known for its pioneer work on the idea of great domestic fortune.

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