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Myanmar Yang Gong

Burma has already proven to be Yin and Yang. Mr. Andy Zhong, Regional Sales Manager of Liu Gong Machinery Co, said: Do you want to find jobs in Myanmar POSCO C? Would you like to find a job in Myanmar? Working in all regions of Myanmar.

Myanmar (Burma), Yangon (Rangoon)

On the first day in Yangon we walk down the very overcrowded, warm and bumpy pavement, while in the far away a gong sounds gradually becoming loud er and loud the approach. Fascinated by the traditions we had just seen, we with a hard feeling walked on in the high temperatures to find the cemetery.

We jumped with the local people on the 3-hour Circle Line around Yangon and the wonderful surroundings. Burma has already proven to be Yin and Yang. It is by no means tourist, which is very welcome after the commercials in Thailand, which are flooded with expensive chotchkes by "ladies' nights" and hawkers.

The men will see us and say "Welcome to my country" and we will be smiling and they will be smiling back open and heartily. The remaining teeths are coloured reddish by the smoke they are chewing.... and are spitting right onto the road we are walking on. Then your eyeballs go into the garbage in the sewers, and that's an open channel.

At the same he has the greatest of smiles and gets a true, authentic thrill from making faces back and forth. You get used to pushing and pulling..... the din and yang. After" commuting" with the natives we became our tourists again and went to the Shwe Degon Pagoda - one of the holiest places in Buddhism.... it had 1000 Buddhas and maybe 100 golden coupons, which shone brightly against the deep blues of the evening skies.

Commerce Fair Networks 0m in Dealings

During the China Guangxi Products Exhibition in Yangon from March 30 to April 2, 310 million US dollars of commercial deals were concluded between China and Myanmar corporations, said a high-ranking Guangxi officer. "310 million in commercial deals were initialled by 20 China corporations during a March 30 ceremony," Guangxi Vice Governor Yang Daoxi said in an audio commentary when he visited the Yang on 30 March in the Aung Gyi Group of Enterprises exhibition space and offices in the Shwe Lin Ban Industrial Zone in Yangon's Hlaing Tharyar Citieship.

Signature took place at the Chatrium Hotel after talks between U Win Myint, Minister of Commerce of Myanmar, and Yang Daoxi, Vice Governor of Guangxi. Mrs Bai Lan, Assistant Head of Department for International Economic Cooperation of the Guangxi Zhuang Region, said that 110 million dollars of the agreement related to commerce and the other 200 million dollars were allocated to capital outlays.

Mr Yang said that fast reform and developments in Myanmar would create a large domestic market for goods and goods and services that is likely to lead to an increased level of bi-lateral trading between the two states. "Guangxi-Myanmar bilaterals were valued at $56.19 million in 2011, an 197 per cent rise from 2010," he said.

Said that machines for civil engineering, agriculture and infrastructural works were the most sought-after Guangxi products. The Guangxi authorities would help meet the needs of privately owned companies to invest in this area. "However, there are some restrictions on promoting foreign exchange and investments in Myanmar in terms of Myanmar's investments policies, tariff provisions and processes," he said.

China Guangxi Product Exposition took place at the Myanmar Convention Centre in Yangon and was visited by nearly 500 delegates from more than 100 enterprises from 14 Guangxi-towns. More than 1000 different items were on display, among them machines and cars, construction material, electrical equipment, handicrafts, ancient Chinese-made medicines, food and textile.

It was jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce of Guangxi, the Directorate of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Important attendees were Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co and Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Holdings Co.

The Liu Gong Group of Companies and the Myanmar Aung Gyi Group of Companies have entered into a deal to buy 120 machines valued at $10 million, Andy Zhong said. Said the firm expects its Myanmar shipments in 2012 to grow 65% over the previous year. "This year we are aiming to sell 300 copies valued at $20 million.

He said, "We were selling 185 copies in 2011 valued at about $12 million.

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